Blinky Thinky ‘cuz Naked Eric Is Stinky

Malcolm Gladwell wrote blink.  I read Blink.  My roomie (read: room8) it and is trying to describe it to a friend RIGHT NOW!  Like, this is live!  I am in a bad mood.  Sad me.  Anyway, back to the story.  There was no story.  Jason Varitek…BASE HIT!

She asked me how I would classify Blink.  She asked if it would be “Self Help”.  I pondered.  Naked Eric is a man who is rarely bereft of verbage.  I was bereft of verbage.  I said lamely “Business, maybe?  Maybe Sociology?”  She looked at me like a child and like someone who wanted to say, “Thanks, idiot”.

What do you think?  Blinky thinky?  How would you describe it or classify it?  Ummm, tell me quick so I can redeem myself to Vanessa, my dear room8.


Naked Eric Sans Stiffy


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