Naked Eric’s Goat Haiku

I think that it is important to learn stuff. Stuff is a word so rife with contextual bending, it is pure bliss. Stuff the verb, stuff the general, multipurpose noun, Stuff the scurrilous term for those things best left unsaid. “He did STUFF to her then got STUFF all over her face. He’s into that STUFF.”

Enter the Haiku. Haiku is stuff and I am a fan. Hence, I wrote a ‘ku to commemorate the beauty of nature and the sleek, understated vessel that it can be conveyed with. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then another 5’er. My ‘ku is called:

The Mountain Goat

Oh brave, furry goat

Stands alone, cold like the air

Here is warm penis.

What do you think? I can and will write some more. This one is special and means a lot to me. i hope that is warms you up as it does to me each time I ponder its image.

-NEThe Mountain Goat


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