Joe Torre Is A Quitter. The Deal He Was Offered Was More Than Fair.

Joe Torre quit us, fellow fans. He was offered a deal that eclipses all other Managers’ deals by MILLIONS! He has bee a LOSER of late and losers, like poor salesmen, get Performance Reviews. Sometimes, even untouchable homies like Torre have to be called a failure. He won a lot. Granted. He lost a lot of big games though with teams that are so rife with talent, they should have walked to the World Series. They had a payroll equal to the GDP of many small nations and still failed to shine. He made innumerable oopsies and for that he was given an incentive-based contract that could net him even MORE MONEY! Torre just quit. Oh, and A-Rod quit too. What a dark, dark time for the Yankees. Watch in slow agony as A-Rod begins trying on Mets and Red Sox uniforms. Look, Here’s an article that agree with me! Note: If you don’t agree with me, then I still love you.

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I am not a Yank hater