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13 thoughts on “Comment on the Thompson Articles Here

  1. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  2. Jolanda and everyone who is having a fit. Notice that my article was covering the events with no opinion at all. I am looking at the article and wondering where you find me admonishing anything. I am sorry if you got that impression. Then the sorrow fades a little. Then it’s gone. Just keep pumping up the pro-Thompson side as if there is no other side to the issue. Silly.

  3. I brought Marko Perkovic to NYC, I have the lyrics translated in English, and if anyone cares to do a little research, you’ll see what Marko sings about. It’s people like you that spew the same garbage you picked up somewhere else on the net, and repeat it as if it factual. Contact me if you would like to learn something about Marko Perkovic Thompson and his music.

    Good Day.

  4. Wow,
    You really can’t handle criticism. Yes there is a freedom of speech but should it be spent on these frivolous “kick someones facism’s ass”??? when you absolutly have no idea who that person is.

    I stopped liking your site, I thought it is a god one, but hey, people get dissapointed all the time….

    So, where did you get your hard facts about these Nazi-facism-Thompson connections so that you are so sensitive about it?

  5. Eric, you should be ashamed for posting this “nazi” drivel about Thompson. Your chicken comment wasn’t funny, but arrogant and foolish. So was calling the guys comments “passionate”, like they were in contrast to reasoned. Accusing someone for naziism so lightly as you did and then flatly ignoring indications that your facts are really lies is below any normal decency. What is wrong with you?

    If the map doesn’t fit the terrain, it’s the terrain that’s at fault?
    Goodbye sanity.

    Here’s your just punishment for your crimes of pride and arrogance:

    1. Find someone who can translate Thompsons lyrics for you. Someone at least slightly familiar with croatian history and culture. Let him/her translate the seven Thompson albums to English.

    2. Read the lyrics.

    3. If you find one single nazi or otherwise hateful sentence, bring it out to light so we all can see what the fuzz is about. Also give us your PayPal account so that I can send you a dollar for each hateful word you find there. With such a supposed “nazi” artist you should be able to get enough money to pay for a nice vacation in Croatia.

    Hint: Don’t hold your breath and don’t quit your day job…

  6. Well, I do not see any error.
    I did not refer to N’s comment but your original one where you indicated that you did your research and find all these negative Nazi-esk references.
    I realized that the “chicken” comment was meant to lighten up the response, but if humor implies someone s stupidity is maybe not funny for everyone.
    Nevertheless, I just looket out my window, the sun is shining, the trees are clad in great fall colors… so let just enjoy life. Let all the past be past, we are currently doing our far share of injustice right here in US.
    By the way I like your site…

  7. Jolanda:

    I expressed no opinion and the chicken comment was a joke. If you have not a sense of humor and require references for mere observations and a social commentary article, you’re not going to get anything from us here. CNN has a killer site though that may be more appropriate…

    Are you confusing “N”, our reader’s COMMENT on my article as MY words? I didn’t write the passionate response. A reader named N did. Read the original article. Then write to N, not me. My article was not advocating anything.

    Hope I cleared up your strange error.

  8. I am not a Croatian, but I know the subject.
    I find your comment: “I am also impressed by people who can hypnotize chickens.” more then arrogant. I wonder from where did you got your “research” that you became so sure of your opinion. It would be usefull that you list your sources.

    It is true actually even intelligent people can become a pray of propaganda.

  9. Awesome. I am impressed by your passionate argument. I am also impressed by people who can hypnotize chickens. Thanks for teaching me and the readers more about Thompson. This is an interesting time for you, fans like you, and the band itself. It is VERY important to voice your opinion, N. Mr. N. Mrs. N. I hope that others, curious about this movement, will help to provide discourse so that we may uncover even more facts about this issue.


  10. Is Marko Perkovic hated because he has inspired a positive bond amongst Croatians worldwide? There is NO hate in his music. The songs represent moral values that strengthen bonds of unity and love where there is continued struggle to stay an independent nation. He has connected Croatian diaspora and those in the homeland with songs of love of God, family and the homeland. Have you translated his recent cd?
    In recent articles Marko Perkovic, Thompson, mentions that “the three values I sing about are love of God, family and homeland. Everyone is aware of that the Serbian lobby has been able to gain strength and influence around the world since 1918. This very same Serbian lobby is using Mr. Zuroff and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre as pawns in the spreading of false propaganda without any substantiated proof of their allegations. This is outright slander against me, my fans and all Croatians.” Marko continues to say that he has “always openly condemned the crimes of the Nazi regime that ruled parts of Croatia and Bosna and Hercegovina during WWII. I condemn all war crimes. Yet the media chooses to ignore this fact. The phrase ‘za dom spremni’ has been used throughout Croatian history dating back to the Turkish invasion.” Marija Blazanin, tour coordinator, agrees with Marko. She adds “Mladen Schwartz, a Jewish founder and leader of the New Croatian Right, a philosophical/political writer, uses the phrase ‘za dom spremni’ all the time. Yet Marko, his fans and all Croatians are labeled ‘fascists’ and ‘nazis’ when they use the phrase.”
    The messages in Marko Perkovic’s music are positive ones that speak about love for God, family and homeland. Croatians love their country and above all share Catholic values of respect for all including those with other beliefs.

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