More On Thompson – Neo Nazi Band From Croatia (By Popular Demand)

The NakedEric posting on Thompson has been very popular. I see this as no surprise as it is very interesting to me as well. Due to the popularity of this posting, I decided to research this band / political group in more detail to bring you information on the topis through the NakedEric lens of perception.

“Thompson” is actually Marko Perkovic. Marko takes the stage and sings song that praise the Holocaust and promote Ustaše, the Croation pro-Nazi regime that sent Jews, Serbs and Gypsies to concentration camps during WWII. The folk-metal musician is often greeted by audiences with a Nazi salute. He’s been kicked out of Canada and the Netherlands for hate speech, only to be welcomed by Manhattan’s own Croatian Center in Midtown. In the pictures I have included here, you can see the fans saluting the singer in a behavior that has the Constitution bending as it bears the weight of this expression of Free Speech. NakedEric is all about freedom and I respect the boldness of Thompson’s muse. He seems to be inspired by hatred.

However, unlike those espousing hatred before him. I mean bands like Deicide (Means “The killing of God”) and Slayer, Thompson has managed to create a movement of ultra-conservativism without outright violence or spectacle. This is what has the band’s opponents so frightened. Thompson is actually a pretty good band…

There have been some missteps along the way that have even his own neo nazis questioning his beliefs. Thompson is not totally embraced by American neo-Nazis, who’d rather berate Jews, blacks and Hispanics than Serbs.

A Canadian, whose screen name is option_violence, made it clear that this kind of white-on-white genocide is not welcome by stating thus:

“Thompson isn’t a neo-Nazi band; they are Croatian Nationalists whose songs focus on their love for Croatia, the Croatia people, and their religion. Their songs also focus on their hatred of the Serbian people, another proud White race… Thompson drew heavy criticism—and rightfully so—for their recording of Jasenovac i Gradiška Stara. Now, my Croatian is a little rusty, but I believe the song is a tribute to a WWII slaughter of Serb troops in the Balkans.”

“I do not support them or their music if all it will do is continue to create divisions between the different white nations, namely the Croats and the Serbs.”

I find it interesting that those withing the community of hate have strict guidelines within that dictate the proper way to hate and clearly, if they are not followed strictly, one’s hate can be well, wrong. Wild, huh?

Therefore, it is fair to say that Thompson is a hate pioneer. Using an amalgam of hatred types, he has designed a new platform using a form that is perhaps the most influential. Folk rock music. What this shows us, at least in America, is something that we have known and harbored a blush or two for. We will believe rock stars before we believe politicians or other leaders. This is what frightens Thompson’s opponents the most. He’s a rock star. He has more street cred than teachers and parents. Espousing his lyrics and worshiping the man is a bona fide form of teenage rebellion. However, it is slighly different than growing your hair long and staying out past curfew.

I will dig more for tidbits on this interesting phenomenon. But in fairness, I will close with a rebuttal from a post on Village

To whom it may Concern:

I am a American – Croatian. I am writing you this email to implore that you refocus you attention musica and lyrics in our own counrty and leave Marko Perkovic alone.

Marko Perkovic and his band are certainly not one-dimensional. Earlier in his career, Perkovic recorded many love songs to accompany hits that were centered around Croatian social themes. Since his career took off during Croatia’s fight for independence, many of his songs were battle-cries that called for the legitimate liberation of Croatia. Croatia gained official international recognition in 1992. Contrary to negative propaganda and outright lies, with his songs Thompson inspired Croatians in the liberation of their homeland. Thompson also recorded songs portraying the plight of Croatian soldiers after the war. Stories similar to the stories of Vietnam Vets in the United States after returning from war. With his more recent albums, Thompson has centered the themes of his songs around the natural scenic beauty of Croatia and three values that the overwhelming majority of Croatians hold dear: God, family and the homeland. Thompson has never called for crimes against civilians, nor has he glorified war-criminals from the past or present. These accusations are simply preposterous.

God, Family and the Homeland

Thompson has on numerous occasions challenged anyone opposed to him or his music to prove their false claims and accusations. He has challenged ALL his opponents to listen to his songs, obtain translations of his lyrics, and finally learn the truth about his music. Once again, the main themes of Thompson’s songs are about God, family and the homeland. Thompson promotes dedication to the faith, family and patriotism. NOT nationalism. Patriotism. These are themes hardly worthy of controversy and the kind of negative publicity surrounding him and his band.

The worst of all false accusations flung at Thompson is that he is the author of a song called: “Jasenovac & Gradiska Stara.” Contrary to negative propaganda, Thompson is not the author of this song. He does not, nor has he ever, performed it live. It cannot be found on any of Thompson’s seven albums. We challenge ALL his opponents to listen to all of his recorded work and learn the truth for themselves. Once again, we challenge ALL to obtain copies of his official albums; and to refrain from viewing or listening to propagandistic montages constructed and posted on the Internet by anonymous Thompson-haters.

Marko Perkovic is a Croatian patriot that loves his country dearly. He is not a member of any political party in Croatia, nor does he have any affiliation to political or activist groups within or outside the country.

Just as we Americans love our country, Perkovic loves his. Just as Jewish-American love their heritage and Israel, Perkovic loves Croatia. And so do Croatian-Americans. So do Croatians world-wide. With his music, Perkovic simply channels patriotism and love of the Croatian heritage. His songs inspire Croats to live honest lives, cherish family, honor God and be faithful to the homeland. To Croatians in the United States, this translates into the respect of not only the Croatian heritage, but of respect to our American heritage; into respect for the great nation that in the past granted amnesty to Croatians that sought refuge and freedom from oppression.

I thank you for your time.


11 thoughts on “More On Thompson – Neo Nazi Band From Croatia (By Popular Demand)

  1. Marko nije fašista samo Hrvatski domoljub.Ne kažite loše riječi o njemu ili o njegovoj grupi.Ja sam za Ustaše i što??U tamnicu sa mnom??Nek´ svaki čovjek vjeruje u ono,što želi i što smatra za njegovo osvjedočenje !

  2. I guess every time somebody feels patriotic about Croatia, some Serbian haters will emerge and call that patriotisam fascisam. I am sick and tired of Seriban people that try to lie about croatia as Nazi or evil. Did we all forget who started Yugoslav Wars? Serbs atttacked Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia. And they call Croats and Bosnians evil??? My father served in Croatia while he was in Marines. He served there on his own free will. He told me Croats are great fighters and honorble men. He also said that future of the world will need people like Croats since they are the ones that know the value of Human life. Please watch youtube video “Saving Private Peric” it shows us how “Nazi” croats save Serbian soldier that was left behind by his own commrades.

  3. Croatian’s are the shit! f*** all of you guys who hate Thompson ive been listening to him since i was little and wouldn’t want it any other way!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The truth that they don’t want you to know!

    As you probably know by now, Thompson is very popular in Croatian emigrant communities around the world. He has sold out concerts in Australia, Canada and Germany. Just to name a few countries. Thompson played a packed Ballsporthalle in Frankfurt, Germany on April 21, 2007. We’d like to remind you that the concert was held in the heart of Germany. A nation with the most stringent of anti-bias and anti-hate laws that exist anywhere in the world. When German authorities translated Thompson’s lyrics, something we ask all of you to do, they soon learned what the band is really about. And the show went on as planned. We find it extremely hard to believe that Thompson’s most vocal critics are not aware of this. Once again, we remind you that Thompson performed a successful show in Frankfurt, Germany. The concert and the translation of lyrics made by German authorities were reported by major media-outlets in that country. As correctly and truthfully reported in the newspapers Allgemeine Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine, Thompson’s lyrics neither promote, nor incite, violence.

  5. croatians considered themselves ustase even after WWII, its just were not legally or technically recognized as ustasa, yet we consider ourselves that

  6. f**** people how can u write bout something u dont know???tompson is NOT NEO NAZI or USTAŠA.he told it by himself.does he have nazi symobls or songs bout hating jews etc.?!!he doesnt salute people by nazi salute,wtf?? dont write bout something you dont understand.the world would be better place if there would be more people like thompson.

  7. I just wanted to voice my disgust at all this pathetic anti-thompson propaganda.
    First of all, thompson sings about god, family and love for his homeland. If any of you ignorant morons cared to listen to his songs properly you would know this. Secondly as noted above, Marko Perkovic is a Croatian patriot that loves his country dearly. He is not a member of any political party in Croatia, nor does he have any affiliation to political or activist groups within or outside the country. In regards to accusations of him giving ‘so called’ Nazi salutations, if people people waving their hands up in the air at a concert is considered a nazi salute then everyone who attends a concert is a Nazi. Lastly im not going to waste anymore of my time on this topic as the facts speak for themselves.

  8. Hasen’t it been proven that in 2003 Thompson performed “Jasenovac i Gradiska Stara” live in Osijek???? I LOVE THOMPSON + CROATIA….but I think this is true, and I think Thompson even commented on it say that “there were songs we sang, but it was a different time. I don’t stand by the words of that song.” or something on those lines…

  9. Thompson – I am getting MANY hits on this site and readers of my posts about your band. To interview with NakedEric, write a comment below and we will make arrangements for a short Q & A. The people here want to hear what you have to say.

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