I Don’t Believe In November

November is supposed to be the ninth month. “Nove” is rooted in latin and it means nine. I hate November even more because I was born in the ninth month. Yeah, I was born in September. So, henceforth, and so on: – , I was born in November. However, when I yell at people for saying happy birthday to me in SEPTEMBER, I AM THE BAD GUY? No way. F ‘dat homie. I was born in the ninth month. I was born in NOVEMBER! Why is my life so hard in this regard, it’s not like I’m crazy or another retard. I rhymed the last time, don’t you think that was sublime? If you sing these words with me we can feel childish and free. My dog is black and that’s not wack in fact I am okay with that. His name is Buckley and oh how I’d like to –

November is a fake month. Seriously. Don’t support it’s fallacy, or phallus in general. General Phallus want to see the Private. Oh my God, I’ve truly lost my mind. Please don’t read what you’ve already read. Thanks. I love you. I love Buckley too. He is cute.


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