All Black People Are Liars

I am not silly enough to be fooled by those who seek to confuse me with tricks of hue and shade. If I were to call myself a BLACK man, I would be sure to engage in a thorough inspection of my external flesh. My epidermis, dare I say. My Spagnola, I dare not say! Would you? I will put two punctuation marks here.!

All black people are liars. They are not black. This is such a perfect example of an “Emperor Wears no Clothes” situation. I’m not being silly-poop or knit-picky. Black people are BROWN! Has anyone else ever noticed this! THEY LIE WHEN THEY SAY THEY ARE BLACK! Sorry about the capital letter, I hit Caps Lock by accident and don’t feel like fixing it. I propose that “black” people who wish to stop acting as proponent of this viscous lie begin calling themselves brown or tan. They both are simple words with one syllable. I thought that “black” was being used due to its membership in the PRIMARY COLORS CLUB. Is this true? If so, please let me know. But for now, whenever you hear a member of that race call themselves Black, call them a liar. Tell them that they are nicely tanned, or brown.

I will close with a picture of a REAL BLACK person. Look at this and then think about what I’m saying here. Let’s fix this problem. Let’s be fair to Afreakin Americans.

THIS is a black person!


3 thoughts on “All Black People Are Liars

  1. that was kinda weird…interesting but weird
    i don’t want white folks coming up to me yelling and telling me that i’m a liar
    i’m a lot of things a liar no
    i was always told i’m black so i just kinda stick with that it fits nice, saying im brown would more describe a pair of pants
    they president is black but we all know he’s a liar

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