NakedEric Exclusive! Joe Torre Had Plans To Move To LA BEFORE The Season Was Over

Do you believe this, kids? I don’t.

Professional Athletes are nothing if not greedy and selfish. When the old guys who dress up and sit on the bench start getting into the act and being sneaky sneaky about it, we’ve got some unhappy BS. A prominent real estate broker, who has of course asked to remain nameless, told investigators that he/she was approached by Torre in early October about purchasing a home in the Los Angeles area. This seemed harmless enough. The guy was vastly overpaid and surely had money to burn, so why not invest in some land in the fiery SouthWest? Current events, however, have made this once innocuous move a harbinger of thoughts that may have been festering before he turned down the Yankees reasonable offer to serve as Manager for one more year. Maybe he wanted to go to LA all along. NakedEric wouldn’t be surprised as it seemed that he was only half there during the post-season. Oh, and now that wimpy, how could we ever have thought the guy had stones of his own, Don Mattingly is following his master like a good lapdog without any deliberation whatsoever makes this seem like a preordained end that is merely being carried out now, not some “decision” they had to make due to an “unfair” offer by the Yankees.

Benefit of the doubt – Torre may have thought he was going to be fired. He was protecting himself. OK – but come clean and don’t drag fans and the media (never mind the coddled players) through a drama laden with half-truths and blame spitting when the whole deal was Torre’s doing and he got a bit snagged when the Yankees made a fair offer that kept him making double what the next highest paid Manager made. He had to demonize the offer and quickly snub it to continue with his sneaky plan to abandon the team regardless. Now he’s courting the Yankees hitting coach from New York. C’mon Joe. That’s just super nasty to do to Joe Girardi who is a great guy and is stepping into a position where he’ll need a strong supporting cast. Torre doesn’t care. He only cares about what’s good for him. It is this that makes him a true man of baseball. Me first. Fans, players, the city, media – all of that can deal with the aftermath of my own desires and selfish behavior. Well Joe, got’cha on this one. I am doing just that, reacting to your sloppy exit from a team and city that had been so good to you for 12 years.

Good luck in California…what’s left of it. There we’ll see how you manage with a roster that doesn’t read like the future inductees to the Hall of Fame. Oh, and that pesky hitter batting thing. It’s tough in the National League. Also, they don’t win a lot of World Series. I can’t wait until the Yankees play your new team. I will be the guy with a sniper t-shirt gun pointed at the dugout just waiting for my shot…

Do you believe this BS? I will report more when I come up with more to this story.