Thank You To J. Loren From HURT

If you are blind or related to Paris Hilton, you may be rich, but certainly have not the ability to recall that I am a big fan of HURT and their new album. I was poking around for some more morsels about the foursome when I learned about how trying the recording process was for the album “Vol. 2”. If you have not, please check out their extremely cool website. HURT Website – Click Here, Piggies!

This makes it all the more amazing of him to have reached out and offered some of his time to NakedEric for an interview for this blog! Whilst we work on the particulars, please stay tuned (no pun intended) and support the band. I mean, what other band would answer a “shot in the dark” invitation for an interview from a guy named NakedEric? HURT does this for the music, the catharsis of performance, and for the fans. J.Loren’s response is proof that this is more than just rockstar bulldoody.

American Idol (Idle Americans) has NOT killed ALL of the real music! HURT is fun! YAY!



3 thoughts on “Thank You To J. Loren From HURT

  1. These guys are amazing, and so down to earth. After chatting with them and laughing over some beers, I will always have a special place for them. They are REALLY humble about how amazing they are also….which seems to be pretty rare these days.

  2. I totally agree with u they are and always will be the best band to walk this earth. To me anyways lol…Im also a huge fan i went to their concerct on oct 31st out here in az and it was beyond amazing! It was the best cocnert i have ever seen! Thanks for listening lol

    ~Toni Lynn~

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