Eddie Vedder Goes “Into The Wild” With Solo Album

Eddie Vedder Goes “Into The Wild” With Solo Album

Jon Krakauer’s tome, the modern day Walden titled “Into the Wild” must have piqued the interest of the creatively impotent producers in Hollywood ‘cuz they made a mooovey based on it. Though I instantly thought they would ruin it, I was quickly rebuked when they chose Mr. Ed Vedder to produce the soundtrack to the movie as a solo artist (sans Pearl Jam!) Can he do it? Totally. Can he do it well? Totally. Can he maintain the integrity of the vastly popular novel while infusing his own antisocial views without making it too political, to which he is prone, and also allowing it to be used as a soundtrack and not the arena rock he is so proficient at penning? Heck Yes! Yay. Ladies and gentlemen, as i listen to it right now, I am even more certain that we have a rare gem. Although many of the tracks are punk rock short, this is one of the best albums to come out in quite a long time. Is there nothing Ed Vedder can NOT do? Oh yeah, choose a haircut and stick with it. I still will never forgive the Mohawk. WTF was that? Ok – Into The Wild by Ed Vedder:

If you go to iTunes right now and preview the track “Hard Sun” you will be happy. Go ahead, buy it. When you listen to it en toto, you will be escorted back to a time when our music was pure, hooky and from the heart. Hard Sun is outstanding. I cannot think of a better single. Nor can I think of a Betterman, can’t find a betterm….I’m sorry about that. That was silly. I will stop the silliness. OK, go.

Eddie sure learned how to play a mean and folky geetar. I am so proud. Still proud that he survived the famous stage dive from the rafters in the “Alive” video. Hey, if you’re one of the people that caught his flannel shrouded body I give you my “Yeehaw”. You are partly to thank for this awesome album.

Here’s the cool and TRUE part about this album. It shows that Eddie Vedder has grown. Yes, in many good ways he has grown into the consummate musician and songwriter. It also shows that he has outgrown Pearl Jam. It is time for him to call it a day (or 10,000) and end the band. PJ has been spouting mediocrity for many years now. Their live shows are still as intense a ever. This, however, is mainly because of Ed. Eddie has branched out here and put out his best material in 7 years. Go solo, Eddie. Pearl Jam will understand. You are the next Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Buckley all wrapped into one super package.

That said, don’t miss the track “Society”. This is so sweet it melts in your ear (I just followed that image, it led me to that weird ear thing) “Far Behind” is not a Candlebox cover, it is another of the album’s hidey-ho highlights. I couldn’t recommend an album more. Eddie has shown us that he is a master and ready to step out on his own to take a new path in his career. Into the wild, perhaps, but into an even higher echelon on musical greatness. More than the stagnating Pearl Jam. Do not miss this album. Missy Elliot, but not this album. Oh, and Mitch Albom.

– NE


One thought on “Eddie Vedder Goes “Into The Wild” With Solo Album

  1. Dude, you couldn’t be more right. Outstanding Album. I don’t think eddie should go solo though. I would like more solo stuff, but I still love Pearl Jam.

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