Nigerian Gangs Killing Innocent Civilians, Civil Unrest As Guns Proliferate

Nigerians love target practice.  Especially when the target resembles a cop, soldier, or Rosemary Douglas.  A bullet shattered her upper arm as she napped with her 2-year-old daughter.  Why?  Well, the usual suspects are hard to ignore.  Oil, Oil, and Oil.  Yeah, The Niger Delta is rich with oil and hence, rich with corruption.  2 million gallons of crude are pumped from the murky delta each day.  That’s lot’s of fumes for your SUV.  Don’t feel guilty.  Feel good that your Hummer and Escalade are the primary reasons that this horrific situation exists today in Africa.  Just drive to soccer practice and gossip on your cell phone.  Ahhh, consumerism.

Hey, survival of the fittest, right?  Well, it may be time to examine whose standards we use to determine who or what is “fit”.  No, not enough time, Dancing With The Stars is coming on.

Says Ms. Douglas,  “I don’t know why this happened to me,” grimacing in pain as she gave a bewildered account of the gunplay that had engulfed her neighborhood and much of this oil-drenched city. “I mind my own business.”  Seems pretty fit to me…

I will not belabor this, but please look into this atrocity and other being committed in this oft neglected part of the world.  It is very important to stay vigilant and be aware of how your consumerism may affect others, their shattered arms, and their children.



2 thoughts on “Nigerian Gangs Killing Innocent Civilians, Civil Unrest As Guns Proliferate

  1. This is terrible. Thanks for the coverage here Eric. Please keep us up to speed with this and offer some ways we can help.

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