Fabio vs. George Clooney – The Beauty Brawl

According to TMZ, two ladies won a contest to have dinner with Fabio in a swanky-swank restaurant.  The ladies began snapping pics of each other with the man when, to their surprise, a man at a table behind them began flashing the finger in each picture in a clear attempt to ruin the shot.  Who was the man?  George Clooney!  Clearly he was a bit jealous that the attention wasn’t all on him (or on him at all).  Fabio asked him to stop the shenanigans and Clooney snapped back something to the effect of “shutup”.  Fabio stepped, then Clooney stepped and they began pushing and shoving like the manly men they are(?)

Clooney fled and Fabio fumed.  The ladies got a lot more than they bargained for and now have made statements publicly about how Clooney tried to ruin their night.  One said that Clooney isn’t even fit to clean the dirt from Fabio’s boots.  The other said that, “Its not ALWAYS about you, George.”

Ain’t that the truth…


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