7 thoughts on “I Have No Words To Describe This Picture…

  1. That’ll do “Donkey” if you suck it and swallow you’ve got the job hands and all of america will luv ya !!! Now this is just between you and I huh Mr. Bush if ya know what I mean huh between us guys ya know

  2. I think the guy who appears to be getting up close and personal with Bush’s bush is probably just zipping him up. Like his mommy. Perhaps it’s his assistant.

    I don’t think the large man sporting the grin is supposed to be there.

  3. This picture is just great! I’m adding you to my bloroll as well, so that I won’t loose the next embarrassing picture of my representatives!

  4. “let me braid your pubic hair to get it out of the way for the show while smiley mcgee watches from not so far afar.”

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