Stephen Marley’s “Mind Control” Is Musical Sex

Here’s some more nakedEric music fun.  Go get this album.  The more I listen to the sons ‘o Bob (of which there are many) I find myself evermore thankful that Bob humped anything that moved then smoked two joints before he smoked two joints… as the song goes. tee hee.

You will hear the first track, “Mind Control” and recall the simplicity of the roots reggae so adored during Bob Marley’s enchanted life.  Stephen is eerily similar and forgoes the temptation to dip into “toasting” (a freestyle hybrid of rap-reggae) or dancehall styles that now proliferate the genre.  No Shaggy here.  This is Roots.  Rock.  Reggae.  at it’s most glorious.

Although he has been involved in music his entire life, Stephen spent a lot of time as a producer.  This experience is evident in the flawless recording of “Mind Control” and the ingenious arrangements of each track.  No overproduction, effect belching, or other abuses of studio technology.  Stephen keeps everything simple and hones the little things.  The details like the subtle wah on a guitar track and gliss on an intro make this a feast for the ears.  My freking dog like listening to this album.  It’s so smooth, a man has to assume that Stephen is, like his father, getting more ass than a public toilet.  On that classy note, I reiterate:  Do not pass this album up.  It is not rehashed Bob or striving to sound like him in any way.  This is a unique voice in Reggae, with enough of the roots to keep it grounded and enough imagination to justify the label “prodigy” for this incredibly talented musician.


Steve Marley


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