nakedEric Has Scored An Interview With J. Loren Of HURT!

If you’ve foraged through the site, you have certainly come across my posts on HURT and on J. Loren himself. In short, both are super-duper. I will be interviewing J. soon and am asking all of you to share with me questions you would like me to ask the man himself. For now, take a look at the neat video for “Rapture”.

HURT Video


6 thoughts on “nakedEric Has Scored An Interview With J. Loren Of HURT!

  1. hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! hurt is great but the vol1 album is great because if hurt music was just a lot like disturbed music it could become a greater band to listen like tha songs:rapture,unkind,ten to brick and wars of the new album or just to be like disturbed music plis read this and become like this youll be better

  2. in music these days, the lyrics either are so vague that one cant make sense of them, or they are strait forward and shallow. Yours, on the other hand, are typically deeper as though you are writing short stories in an Edgar Allen Poe manner. why music? why not write about it instead? I think it is awesome to write lyrics that touch so many people, and that they touch so many people because they are very personal for you and the band. Just don’t burn out please.

  3. I was wondering if he saw anyone that he felt enamored or infatuated with while on tour and if so what would compel him?

  4. The first time I heard HURT was on the radio in 06, Rapture. First thought was “wow this is deep” I called the local radio station, X103 to ask who that was, well that was that untill I heard that HURT would be here in Indy for a concert at MayDay! went out and bought the C.D. I have listend to Volume I non-stop. after hearing the song FallsApart, I knew this was “My band” I could go on and on about what that song means to me but I won’t. although House Carpenter did bring me to tears the first time I heard that song. there is not a song on either C.D. that I can’t relate to one way or the other. not to mention, every song sounds completly different from the other. Thats very refreshing to me because I think alot of really good bands like Godsmack and Stanid have great songs but they all sound alike. I love that when I’m having a really ugly day I can pop my HURT in and I forget all about it:} I have also had the pleasure of meeting the guys in the band. I have actually traveled as far as Texas to see them. by airplane of course. I have drove as much as eight hours to Tennesse as well. also I have met all kinds of people threw them! I could never sum it up in words how absolutely wonderful these guys treat myself and my husband. J. is the type of person who will hand you his jacket if your cold. and has actually done so. I’m very thankful for this band I know many more who feel the same way!

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