Rotten Mind – Pome by nakedEric

Rotten Mind


A mind like this is soil beneath our feet

Ready to grow whatever you bury within its soft belly

Not a pleasure to be missed I make it mine

That girl in the mirror is turning her back on me

That girl in the mirror was the love of my life

I switch tenses to engage my will in a game

That pain-raining woman IS

The love of my life left without me, my jeans she washed for me

A guitar I still play when I write songs about how I miss


The played out fetch of a mind is what I see today

Unraveling a mass of cords that equal thoughts collide

And when I enhance this scene with a pill

No one ever will know how it makes me still

The death of the hell that lives in my mind

And the master of the complaint is that it is not directed

It is a tangled mass of nothing and there is no reason

So suffering is selfish when reasons abound in this tickled world

I, nothing, no reason, no tragic muse

Just a rotten mind with a penchant for disaster


Take me here you want me to go

Believe me when I die in your home

Trust the wind that never lies

Still I am with tired eyes, thirsty

I need help and the world hurts me until I cry

The death of this is a weak escape

I engage this rotten mind every single time

And today I met her

Today I met a girl and fell in love

She looked not in a mirror, but right at me

She looked at me like a little god

Somehow this was sublime

Somehow I rot and still feel fine

Love, my enemy has come to save the day

I will write again when she (surely will)

Turns the other way



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