New Day, New Dumb Quote – From A Random Celebrity

I was riveted by insomnia, then by learning about how to get Katie Holmes’ haircut (it’s so easy!)  The Insider was on and I suddenly was gripped by the true agony of insomnia.  Yup, the terrible late-night programming on TV.But it was not all for naught.  I was delighted when, during coverage of a tiger attack at Melanie Griffith’s home (they’re, ummm NOT supposed to be kept as pets Mel…)  I was given a yummy morsel of celebrity stupidity (the best kind!).  The only problem is that I didn’t recognize the little heirhead that said this, but the quote on the matter was.

“I knew it all along.  The whole thing was like a loaded gun waiting to happen.”

I know!  Those guns get very dangerous when they happen.  Nouns rarely do, you know.  Trees happen and s*it happens.  Sometimes barley happens, but everything ALWAYS happens!

Thanks for the bullet in my arsenal of dumb.  Yay!  Please God help me sleep! 

Tiger Hug! 


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