Alpaca The Infidel – Kind Words From A Madman

Sweet.  Now that I have received a compliment from a brother at the OTEP website, I have completed a successful traipse through various audiences.  My audiences have varied muinto, mucho, a lot.  Ap par rent ly there are people who exist like I do and enjoy a good snuggle or snicker upon consumption of the words I have collected.  I wrote of Al.  Paca.  OTEP singing the modern war hymn, “Warhead” (super duper ly).  So, here is my quick “Thank You” to all of the nakedEric readers who have made my derelict syntax worthy of their time and consideration as they do, well, all the things we do as people of the lonely spirit.  The one who has the wit to squeeze out a fella like myself.  I seek nothing more than to entertain and enlighten you.  You, my friends.  My friends who I’ve met each time you bless me with your kind words and comments.Best,The naked One  


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