Hey Patriots, Thanks For The BORING Season!

Unless you are obsessed with fantasy football or simply enjoy the strange dichotomy between the pretty boy Tom Brady and the ogre Bill Bellichick, you are with me in seeing this as a pretty boring NFL season.  I am as impressed as anyone with the Patriots’ dominance and inevitable undefeated season.  It is just that, however, that makes all of the other games more or less devoid of any real meaning.  Hence, boring season.

I like the Saints and the Giants.  Both teams are having interesting seasons and may both be playoff-bound.  There is no coverage of the minutiae because that would waste precious time that could be spent kissing the Pats where it smells funny.  I am quite sick of all of the coverage and of the insane games where Brady and company make the opposition look like heaving oafs.  I wish that there was a mercy rule.  I mean, let’s give the Pats the Lombardi Trophy and not let them play anymore.  They are indisputably the best team in the NFL.  Then, we can have a real end of the season as the “rest of the teams” compete for a respectable second place.  I think that this is a good idea and should be considered strongly by the league.

Either that, or the Patriots should be forced to play without helmets…



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