Happy Birthday Jesus. Your Birthday Is On Christmas?

Holly jolly Hello!  It’s that time of year when we all line up to purchase items that will be given as gifts in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Would Jesus appreciate us indulging in retarded consumerism as a means of celebrating his holy birth?  Would his daddy be proud?  All of these questions are not rhetorical.  They all have the same answer.  “NO”

As you can tell by the content of this blog I hold so dear, religion is nebulous and less direct for me than for Xtians or Juze.  However, I appreciate history and the heroes it has crowned.  so, even from that, less emotional, perspective, our behavior during this time of year amounts to little more than a perennial “Pass Go, Collect $200”.  Each year, we load up on crap, only to use it up, get sick of it, lose it, or regift it until next year comes and we make new list of “must haves”  We deserve the stigma we have as Americans and earn it by this exact behavior.  It’s embarrassing – and don’t try to throw around that ridiculous attempt to suppress analysis, the Scrooge moniker, or the Grinch.  I love the holidays because I can spend time with the people I love and buy them nice stuff to make them happy.  So, you say, that’s what the holidays are about.  You just contradicted yourself!  Silly hypothetical contrarians.  I did no such thing.

Giving, kindness, and warmth should be a part of our everyday lives, not some chore we shove into one season and be done with it for the rest of the year.  Hence, Christmas is a duh holiday.  Like, duh, I know that I am supposed to be kind and giving to those I love.  I do it all year long.  By acknowledging that Christmas is The Season of Giving, we, by default, admit that the rest of the seasons are NOT for giving, but for selfish habits that earn us a yucky reputation for being rotten Americans.  Jesus would agree with me.  Be nice all the time.  Then, on his birthday, you may actually find the time to bake Jesus a cake.



One thought on “Happy Birthday Jesus. Your Birthday Is On Christmas?

  1. I got wacky with the page design. You likey? Please digame – Tell me what you think!

    This post is rant-a-licious. It is close to home and means a lot to me. Granted, the point has been hammered home many times. I just wanted to take my swipe at the vast swell of American consumerism. I hope that this inspires some talk.

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