Opie & Anthony – All I Can Say Is WOW

Opie and Anthony always make me laugh way too loud alone in my apartment. Their show has their own twisted humor peppered with the spicy wit of Jim Norton Jim’s Site – EAT A BULLET.COM. Norton is hilarious. Also, he looks like Britney Spears, shaved head and all.

What O & A do better than anything is creating a trend that sticks. In fact, their influence over their listeners is what got them so famously fired many years ago. Note: They aired a phone conversation from a couple having sex in St. Peter’s Church in New York City CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY.

What has prevailed the longest, out of their dozens of incredibly popular games with the fans is the, now iconic, W.O.W. – or Whip ’em Out Wednesday. The famous jocks aim to liven up and make memorable this day of the week by compelling female listeners to flash the males. Without coercion or prizes, this joke has become emblematic of the show itself and has garnered many a fan site to commemorate the day. My favorite is RATE MY WOW.COM.  I felt like sharing this with you in time to celebrate the last pre-Xmas W.O.W of 2007.

Ladies, no pressure or disrespect.  This is all in god fun and you need not be offended or take part.  However, if you don’t you’re probably terrible in bed.



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