Jayme Lynn Spears – Don’t Put Baby In A Corner…

She’s not that innocent either. Little Britney, who stars in a riveting Nickelodeon kids show, demonstrated her firm family roots in the most heinous family to hit Hollywood since The Addams’. It’s a blah story so I will not subject you to the fake morality and armchair criticism that comes immediately, like clockwork, when junk like this happens. Note: I care more about what I just flushed down the toilet than this, but for this one part I write this little ditty.

Minnie Spears was asked about how her being pregnant at 16 would affect the young girls who idolize her and watch her show. Clearly, Spears is an absentee when it comes to the care it takes to be a role model to children. This isn’t Britney, who was well into her adulthood when she publicly had a meltdown. Minnie Spears is 16! Her response to the questions regarding her situation’s influence on her young fans (I paraphrase):

“I think it is completely wrong to get pregnant so young. I am completely opposed to it. However, my own situation requires me to think differently about the issue.”

It would be mere futility to try and make any sense out of this and then to properly ridicule the hypocrisy of this statement. So, I will leave it for you to digest. One more sign that cell phones should not be used while having sex (or while naked at all!)


britney spears


22 thoughts on “Jayme Lynn Spears – Don’t Put Baby In A Corner…

  1. It’s all very unfortunate what has been happening with the two of them, and even worse is how the media picks up the worst of their exploits. I can hope that Britney will be more supportive of her little sister, and maybe the two of them can grow closer through all of this.

  2. Britney does appear to be a horrible mom; shes def. beyond fixing. She really doesnt care about the well being of her two sons. Shes just flat-out doesnt deserve those two adorable sons! Jayme Lynn seems to be different; she seems to be taking responsibility for her mistake. Even though she IS 16 and it seems really wrong for her to have a kid, its not like shes ruining her life. Unlike every other sixteen year old that ends up pregnant, she can actually go through with it. Think about it. Most sixteen year olds end up kicked out of their house with nowhere to go, and broke off their ass, not being able to support a kid. She has it all, her own paycheck, her own life. In my opinion, i believe she can handle it.

    Also, this could end up being the new “thing” in hollywood, young stars with kids. >.<

    P.s. Jessy youre an idiot. I understand your trying to standup for your opinion, but honey, do you honestly think thats the way to go about it? Gaining respect from others requires being a little more mature than that. U NOE?

  3. The way I see it, even being 16, she can’t be any worse of a mother than Britney!

    Britneys 2 beautiful sons, have a mother who appears to not care whether she has them or not. Jayme seems to be at least saying hey, I messed up. But, I am responsible. She is having to live her life in the shadows of Britneys life and career. Maybe this is her chance to show that she is better than Britney, and a hell of a better mother!! Though it wouldn’t take much.

  4. replying to the first comment that jessie wrote:
    the most unattractive thing is to type like you’re text messaging people. you didn’t even need to say how old you were, everyone can tell that you’re immature by the way you type.
    you’re so immature that you don’t even realize that people are dying in the US too it’s not just happening in Africa. and if you really are too busy to worry about celebrity gossip then why are you on this site? and why are you on im and facebook all of the time? you say that you have better things to do, but talking online for hours at a time isn’t productive and it tells everyone that you’re naive.

  5. i think that it is no ones business because i would love to have a baby and i am 16 but yeah everyone else can leave her the fuck alone

  6. Ok, first of all, yes, she’s pregnant. You guys need to worry about your own lives instead of complaining about Jaime Lynn. Unfortunately, girls get pregnant when they’re young, yeah, it’s not good, but seriously don’t make her seem like a complete loser and trailer trash. She’s keeping the baby and she’s taking responsibility for her mistake and misjudgment. Calm down.

  7. Alrighty, folks…

    So reading through those comments was like trying to use the Rosetta stone on Pig Latin.

    Here’s the harsh reality, amigos. So many girls get pregnant at such a young age; if she wasn’t related to Baldy Spears, it wouldn’t be such a huuuuge issue.

    Nobody would give a damn about this stupid, condom-evading, silver-tongued wordsmith if she wasn’t related to somebody famous.

    Hey kids! Look! Uncle Kracker’s niece had a baby at fourteen!!!

    Now as to whether that’s a fact, I have no idea. You decide. However, nobody cares enough to look it up anyway because who gives a shit about Uncle Kracker or his P.O.S. knocked-up niece?



    All in all, it’s not up to Jailbait Spears to tell kids not to have sex/get pregnant/be an ignorant fuck.

    It’s up to the parents. Putting your kid down in front of G.I. Joe is not going to make him go round, having sex with military men and kung-fu gripping all-around if you know what I mean.

    Watching Barney is not going to suck your child into a realm of witchcraft and false happiness brought on by evils such as ‘friendship’ and ‘love’. (You may edit this part out, if it is too graphic for your readers.) ; )

    Sittin’ them down in front of Nickelodeon is not going to make them go… WOW. ZOMG that gurl haz like she is pregnint in ril lyfe!!!@21



    Sorry folks. If your kid is pregnant it’s either your fault for being a shitty parent or their fault for being a shitty listener.

    End of story.


    a.k.a ‘Tenacious E’

  8. the way i see it is yea, she had sex, she’s only 16, and now she’s pregnant (or might be), and now it’s time for her to buck up and take responsobilty for her actions. she might only be 16, but now she has to be a grown person. it is a shame that a girl her age is pregnant and now can no longer be a child. but it was her choice in the first place. i’m a 21 year old single mom myself. am i too young? yes i think so, but you know what? i bucked up and did what i had to do, and couldn’t be happier. has this hurt her? only time will tell. is she anyless able to take care of a child? no. look at it this way….she has the money to support the baby and give him/her the life that they will need. we just have to wait and see if she’s going to be a good mother or not. she is a role model for younger children, which i think she should have set forth a better example, but shit happens people. it’s the parents place to explain to their children that it’s not the “cool” thing to do. and that’s my peace.

  9. and to the 15 year old, you make yourself look igorants typing like that. I may have typoes, but i KNOW i do, and you NOE you look fuckin ignorant…i hope 🙂

  10. I can agree on the whole privacy thing, to let them live and be on there own and all that good stuff. But look at reallity, people just cant wait to get there hands on a new rumor (or fact, dosent matter, anything juciy will work) from these celebs. I mean…they draw attention to themselves, not taking care of their own responsibilities, or covering their ass. Jaime lynn knows who she is, and if she really cared about her image, she may have been a little smarter, but im no hypocrite. Is it just me, or do kids these days have sex at jesus christ 11 12 13 14, wow. I mean, when youre that young, and that inexperinced, what the fucks the point? Ugh, this confussing world. And my final closing statement

    “What is Fair is Foul, and whats Foul is Fair”

    nothing is what it seems anymore. This world is done for

  11. firstly…buddy im a 15 year old addicted to msn and facebook …n i dunt say sorry ..and i only make sence to ppl who noe wat im talkin bout and yeah i do have time to waste wen its christmas holiday 😛

  12. hahaha
    the comment by that jesse person… its totally fucked up
    let me parahase a bit….. ” leave the celebs alone, let them live, i have better things to do with my life then worrry about who is pregnant and who shaved their head?????!?!
    are you fucked????
    your going on and on about this…. BUT whos reading the blog? your fucking dumb, if you dont care then dont go reading blogs people make about celebrities…
    straight up, fuck off.

  13. Jessie,

    I find you to be interesting. Apparently, you DO have the time “waste” on visiting blogs like mine. Furthermore, you have time to write annoying rambling comment on it! Glass houses, my dear. Stone throwing is NOT recommended. Plus, you make no sense.

    I love feedback, good or bad. But yours is just silly. I mean, you misspelled “privacy” in the first sentence of the post! Try again and I’ll agree to your request to apologize for the post. For now. We can all read you at your silliest! YAY!

  14. OMFG..okay why can’t we just leave these people alone they have their own lives and they deserve their priviacy and i fully don’t give shit bout who is pregnant or either who shved her head..u noe who i blame all of this for the media and pl like u who are exploiting celebs on internet just for ppl to c ur stupid site gosh can’t we tak bout sumthing productive like global warming or the many many many children deing in africa and many other places in the world because people like us are too bust talking about stupid things like ” oh did u noe jayme lynn is pregnant and brit shaved her haid ” don’t care i have other things to worry about they are not the world’s most important thing man so just let them go to hell or where ever they want to go becase we are just making it worst for them and pleaseeeee let them live….left by an angry 15 year old who uses her common sence that she has and WILL use and suggest others do too.

  15. Seville, I know. It’s like we’re all waiting to see what happens now. All I know is, she’s determined to have the baby. Babies having babies. I mean, what’s next? Ponies having ponies?

    (I’m not sure what I meant by that)

  16. I honestly think that is the saddest thing. Especially for a girl her age. I mean yeah it happens all the time. But to see what her sister is going through, and to know that this is going to be critizied more then ever, just because of who she is related to, is a shame. She is supposed to be a role model, and that’s what makes it worse. But all in all this her problem, and her fucked up situation, all we can do is sit back and laugh at another hopless Spears’.

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