To Capitol Records – Promote The Band HURT

After speaking with J.Loren and asking nakedEric Readers for questions to present in an interview, I received little response.  My goal, the same as J’s, is to speak to the, in the words of J.Loren, “Small but passionate group of HURT fans”.  I began a study of the band’s influence and retrieved some interesting results.

I reached out to approximately 1,200 visitors to nakedEric and asked if they had heard of the band HURT.  As expected, most had not.  427 people responded to my inquiry and 351 did not know the band (but were interested in hearing their music).  The remainder had heard of HURT and, what I find most interesting, ALL LOVED THE BAND PASSIONATELY.  Thus, without any exception, fans of nakedEric who had heard of HURT LOVED THE BAND!  100% of the time.  This is why I am now calling out to all who participated in this study and to all other HURT fans to loudly demand that Capitol Records put a “ten ton brick” of promotional force behind exposing more people to HURT.  What my little study shows is that, if they hear it, they will like it … with passion.

It will begin here as I ask all other fans and newbies to the band to increase the volume on this issue.  Make a blog post or write a letter to a magazine.  Write reviews on iTunes or YouTube.  Let’s make our own promotional powerhouse that wil, in turn, inspire Capitol to follow suit.  We need to battle the pop tart deluge with the best rock band out there.  I want the world to HURT.

It is the only way we can change music for the better…





25 thoughts on “To Capitol Records – Promote The Band HURT

  1. Ya they put on a pretty good show but J. is missing something. I met him and bought him a drink after the show and didn’t get a good vibe from him. He seems like a smart artist that thinks he’s above you.


  3. I went to the Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, and Seether this past weekend and the band Hurt opened for them. They were great! I really enjoyed their music and especially loved the song that the lead singer played the violin to. He is such an awesome musician!!

  4. Hurt is amazing… and yet no one knows who they are. Capitol has really dropped the ball with marketing Hurt, and they didn’t even ship enough copies of Vol. II to really make a dent on the charts. I have no idea why they don’t push Hurt more. They could have something truly groundbreaking, and they put them aside to push someone who sounds like every other major band out there.

  5. J. you are the most unique yet talented lyricist that I’ve ever known. You’re words mean so much…keep doing what you’re doing bro.

  6. What can we do to help other then word of mouth? They stations here in DC don’t even have the record and Loren grew up here.

  7. The above blurbs about Hurt are so true. I at first was not at all interested in seeing them when they opened for Staind on the Jaegermeister tour. After I heard their (HURT) music, I wanted more! At that time, I vowed to devote my time and effort to do what I could to help the band, I would love to see Hurt get BIG and have a huge fan base, because they deserve that. Their music is not only inspiring, but leaves the listener wanting and needing more. I have turned on alot of my friends to their music and have gotten a bunch of new Hurt fans out of it. I promote them every where I go and to everyone I talk to. I am a very dedicated fan to these guys and I will say that they are truly me all time favorite band and always will be. They are such a hardworking group of guys and they desreve more than what they are getting. On the other hand, I am afraid that when they get bigger than what they are becomming, they will not hang out after shows to meet their fans, but in reality, I am being selfish! I hope the best for these guys and I hope they go platinum and top the charts because their hard work and effort is worth them getting the best!

  8. I completly agree with this article. More people DO need to exposed to this beautifuly passionate band! I personaly have been in love with their music since their Jager tour with Staind. I actually turned to my husband when they came on and said “now this band is better than the one we came here to see!” I can’t wait to see them again at the Marque in Tempe this month! So Capitol Records, you better help use your magic to promote this insanely wonderful band!!!!

  9. I posted a comment earlier wtf….

    It’s a shame such an incredible band is just glossed over by the record companies, while other bands that aren’t worth shit are constantly played on the radio. Hurt’s music is meaningful, unique and is the epitome of art. If only Capitol would get their heads out of their asses, take some responsibility and promote bands that actually have talent, (rather than the useless, unimaginative drivel currently being whored out). Those of us who are lucky enough to have been touched by the magic that is Hurt are forever in debt to J. and Co. Thank you for letting us listen!

  10. HURT is a truly very passionate foursome. Everything that is put out is completely a piece of art. I do not understand to this day why HURT does not get more publicity. It is a shame because if they could get half the pub that some of these copy cat bands get -people would then realize what they are missing. The band has continuosly had trouble on the road with their tour bus not being able to make it to all gigs-what the hell is up with that? A band of this greatness should NOT have to worry about their bus not working. Record label–Uhh step up to the plate and get this done immediately.

  11. it’s a shame that capitol would gloss over such an incredibly talented band such as hurt. instead of hearing unique, moving, thought-provoking music on the radio, one can only hear bland, lifeless, same-shit-different-day drivel. i’m forever grateful to have the opportunity and privilege of listening to j. and co.’s amazing music hopefully the record co will show some integrity and promote real art rather than the cookie-cutter bullshit that is all-too prevalent today.

  12. I fell in love with them instantly. I was watching I.M.F. on cable, saw the video for Rapture and bought the album ten minutes later. I will be seeing them live for the second time on the Thirty First..

  13. Just thought i would say that hurt is by far one of the most beautiful groups of musicans out there. The power and emotion in the music is almost untopable. We need more Hurt So lets make it happen

  14. I absolutely love you blog and I love the fact that you support HURT so much! These guys rock and it’s so cool that you are supporting them and asking for “our own promotional powerhouse that wil, in turn, inspire Capitol to follow suit”. EVERYONE GO OUT THERE AND PROMOTE HURT! EVERYWHERE! LOL

  15. I have been listening to Hurt since 2005! Im in luv with what they do. Their music is very spiritual im my kinda of world lol. If u can follow that. Im trying to spread the word out here in AZ they have a concert coming up and im getting some friends to go with me my father might even go lol..Keep up the good work

    ~Toni Lynn~

  16. HURT is by far the best band Ive had the pleasure of meeting!! I dont even put them in a category…rock, metal, grunge…HURT is their OWN category and NOONE compares to them. They are a species of their own! And Ive said this to them a few times but…they have my heart and soul wrapped around their magical fingers!! I absolutely LOVE these guys!
    Cant wait to see them for the THIRD time in Feb!!

  17. This band is amazing and more people should definitely know about them, and Capitol needs to get on the stick already. I have a couple of questions for J. Loren. How do you balance your creative desires/direction with the realities of what the label demands musically, for example, the need for a radio single? Do you see a day in the near future when bands won’t need labels and/or commercial radio to get their art out? I just wonder because I heard about Hurt from someone on a music message board. I haven’t listened to commercial radio in years. People constantly complain about the state of radio, yet it survives in its current abhorrent form.

  18. Question for J. Loren.
    What year/how old were you when you first started writing your songs. What was the first song (that has been recorded) that you wrote?

  19. NakedEric, you rock!! Hurt is an amazing band and has such great fans. It’s awesome to see people taking back the music industry and promoting great music the way you are. Thank you for listening 😉

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