Cause Of Death – Eaten By Tiger

Carlos was eaten by a tiger that got loose at the San Francisco Zoo.  The Zoo admits that the wall containing the tiger was a few feet too short to adequately contain the deadly animal.  Sooooooo….

I’m no zoologist, nor am I any CSI.  However, could it be that the tiger jumped over the wall that was too short to hold it in?  Then, as it roamed free, perhaps it felt the need to do what tigers do and attack those who threaten it.  Carlos was throwing things at the tiger.  Smart.  Give this guy a Darwin Award.  So then the tiger attacked him and provided Carlos Sousa with a rather grisly end to his life.

I haven’t researched this too much, it’s kind of a simple mystery to solve.  I feel bad for the family, but taunting sprung tigers is a sure way to die.  Don’t do it.

tiger attack

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