Paris Hilton Loses 95% Of Inheritance

This story has a lot of the elements I like in a true pop-idol nightmare.  There’s the airhead heiress, the sex tape, the countless frivolous violations of the law, rampant partying, intense media overexposure … et. al.  …and then the dreaded finger of reality.  Yes, rarely does a pop tart see this thing called “reality” or “consequence”.  However, Paris’  wonderful Granddaddy provided both in a shocking move yesterday.  He donated 95% of his fortune to charity.  This was the fortune that was to come into the vodka and red bull stained hands of Paris.  Reportedly, Paris’ inheritance, upon her Grandfather’s death, has gone from roughly $100 million to $5 million.  With her lifestyle and the inevitable consequences of her media overexposure (read:  the public gets sick of you), that $5 million won’t go too far in supporting her ridiculous lifestyle.

So, as we all enjoy this moment of poetic justice,  it is nice to know that socialite heiresses aren’t always above facing the consequences of their actions.  Grandfather Hilton has been quoted as saying of Paris, “She is an embarrassment to the entire family.”  These recent actions certainly convey that point of view quite clearly.  In the eyes of Hollywood and the A-List elite, Paris is in the poorhouse.  And what’s worse … no one will have the least bit of pity for her.

But if you do – rest assured, she’ll write a banal book about how hard it is being her and it will sell millions.  Only time will tel for sure…


paris hilton

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