Killing Lonely – A Poem by nakedEric

I miss you baby.  She hates me and it hurts.  I hope this helps if you have feelings like this. 

Killing Lonely


on a different plane of miracles she waits for me

the love I’ve ruined by trying too hard

she is an angel and i am in love with her

my love is a dangerous flame close to heaven

she is more than hating me.  to her I am only a burden

but if my love is so pure, how can this be so?

The answer never comes even though I lie awake speaking to God every night.


I cried yesterday rolling through memories of a perfect romance

ours that ended in her silence and my fear of the world, myself.  pain so hard, you know?

if I had only made a different choice.  something better to make her

as happy as she should be.  I somehow clipped her wings while trying to

make love to an angel.  Never make this same mistake.


Her face is a dark relic of enlightened times, like a treasure left only for me.

her kiss pushed happy into my veins.  I was clean and smooth like a baby

and like i baby i ruined moments by making a stink

i don’t care if you hate that analogy, it works for me


My enemy is loneliness that is a parasite inside of me making juice of my heart

I can only kill it by killing the host.

I can’t live without her, such a boring old blah

how many times have we heard this befah


On a different plane she smiles when my face is clear in her mind

somewhere else she loves me again and we’re married and fine

but this is my burden.  my life without love and with only the

memory of how I’ve killed it

and replaced it with Lonely

such a muddy, putrid friend.




3 thoughts on “Killing Lonely – A Poem by nakedEric

  1. Hey nakederic, roll me in cheese whiz and give me a bath but I cant for the life of me figure out how to send you an email… will you send me one instead? (

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