Ann Coulter Is My Friend.

Anne Coulter Shooting At Howard Dean

NakedEric and Ann Coulter have become friends!  Do you want to know the secrets behind the kid?  She likes to have fun.  A party girl, she is.  She loves New York, and talking with alarming speed about her view on any and all issues.  I plan to interview her here.  She has no idea about this, but I want to get to the bottom of her iconoclastic conservative flavor.  As the Election gears up, it is imperative that I bring her to the forefront on this site.

So, open invitation, Annie.  I would like to take you out to dinner and drinks in Manhattan and pick your ample brain.  The we can go back to my place and watch RAMBO (The director’s cut!).  Off the record you can tell me all about your perfect man and I will show you that I am, indeed, him.  We’ll fall in love and I’ll buy us a boat.  Then we’ll write children’s books.



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