A-Rod and Mad-Rod – The New Power Couple?

Alex Rodriguez has been seen leaving Madonna’s posh domicile in NYC several times, at odd hours of the night. Both he and Madonna are reportedly ending their respective marriages. A-Rod’s wife is in Paris carousing with Lenny Kravitz. What the hell is going on here? Well, I know that I’m of passable intelligence and it seems pretty obvious to me. The “I didn’t inhale” type of PR BS spewing from all sides of this drama is worth ignoring. The facts are there and it’s pretty darn obvious: Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez can’t help falling in love with has-been pop stars. End of story. Let’s move on because there’s much better gossip out there.

However, I would like to point out that a coupling of the fame, status, and net worth of A-Rod and Mad-Rod would be quite a sight to behold. Who would be the breadwinner in that super-duper couple? A-Rod makes about $30 mil per annum. Does Mad-Rod make more? I wonder.

More to come on this mildly interesting drama. Call it my guilty pleasure…



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