Chinese Democracy. nakederic Orgasm.

Chinese Democracy.  nakedEric Orgasm.
Chinese Democracy. nakedEric Orgasm.

It is now on, now as I push these letters to convey the glory of this album and its significance to those who rely on music to prevent them from killing themselves or doing an extraordinary amount of drugs (ironic how the artists use music for the opposite?)  POINT IS: Chinese Democracy has infuriated China.  Fuck ’em.  This is a great example of why America is great(er) in the eyes of those who love freedom.  Guess why China hates Axl and hence America?  Because we have the AUDACITY to say the words Chinese and Democracy in the same two word title.  Like I said.  Oh let’s make it three words now:  Tienanmen FUCK ‘EM. 

  The album is near flawless when you get over the initial shock of listening to a NEW G ‘N R album.  Listen to the title track, “If The World”, “Better”, and “Prostitute”.  Then read about the uproar in China and join me in being grateful for our freedom as we say, well.  You know….

::more on the unfolding controversey to come::


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