A Soft Cushion in Washington

“…the empowerment of authorities seems to be a response of groups to problems such as social conflict and … scarce or diminishing resources, and yet it is precisely in such situations that the actions of authorities are likely to be controversial… (in the 70’s this was problematic due to) alienation from and distrust of legal, political, and industrial authorities …  Since the legitimacy of authorities is often viewed as a “cushion of support” that helps societies to survive difficult periods in history, the weakness … seemed to point to a potentially dangerous vulnerability …”

Civil Procedure, Subrin, et al. p. 38

Enjoy your cushion America!


Read “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell

Ouliers has filled me with warm thoughts that made me break out in a rash of intelligent conversation and awesome inspiration.  Although it was Key West and the rash was probably Tina or sea lice, I am still happy to have shared the insight and new perspective afforded an open-minded reader of a Gladwell tome. 

Read it.  Tell us what you think!