NakedEric Interviews HURT (get the new album. now.)

HURT is so good it, HURTS. The new album, Say Goodbye to the Machine is an opus recorded in “old-school” format. No digital. It worked. The album rips and HURT is prepping to become the next big thing as they have honed their sound to a perfect combination of Alice in Chains, Seether, and classic country artistes like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.

NakedEric interviewed the band. Thank you for the questions, readers. Keep ’em coming and the answers will keep hitting you back. Go get the album and go see their show. First, though, read this. Enjoy…

NakedEric: Share with us some stories from the road or touring in general.

Jay: I put my foot on the monitor that said “no feet”, fell off the stage (8 feet), broke both of my ankles. Yes I am literate. It was at Pierre’s in Four Point, Indiana.
I walked into the crowd and a gentleman was so excited that I was there with him, right besides him that he punched me with all his strength in my right lam as I was singing ten ton brick. Thanks for the wake up man!

Paul: I got locked out of a festival in Idaho; I had to jump over the fence to get back in.

Jay: We sat in a hallway during the whole day in a venue, not knowing that we had a fully stocked dressing room with sodas and food (Chicago) we only realized it when we left.
I ripped my pants with no underwear in front on 30000 people. A third hand would have been convenient since I was playing the violin.

NE: Would each of you tell us what’s in your iPod right now?

LOUIE: Prince – purple rain
JAY: Britney Spears: hit me one more time
PAUL: all grunge bands, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains
RICK: Stone Temple Pilots, Core

NE: What inspires you?

PAUL: We don’t look for inspiration, it shows up.
JAY: I don’t look at all. I don’t listen to any new music and I have so much music to write. We have plenty of material, anything, any phrase, emotions inspire me.

NE: Would you tell us a bit about the songs on the new album and how it was created?

Jay: On this particular album, the entire band wrote songs. Some songs were written in integrity all together. We also work independent of each other to put the songs together. Yes we know each other that well… Complexity or simplicity was not even a consideration, we just made the best damn songs that we could.

NE: Where do you like to play shows? Best crowds?

Jay: Indianapolis. There are lot of places and a lot of great folks. The reason why I picked Indi is because they were the first to really support us.

NE: Who is each of your hero?

Jay: Sammy Kershaw, and numerous country writers who don’t write the obvious chorus. I endeavor to use this technique frequently.
Rick: I personally like the way Radiohead write now, and the band Doves
Paul: Greg Dully
Jay: Chris Cornell

NE: Which musicians, not living, do you aim to emulate?

Louie: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash,
Paul: John Lennon
Jay: Johnny Cash, and Roy Orbison
Rick: Hank senior


One thought on “NakedEric Interviews HURT (get the new album. now.)

  1. new album is GREAT!! dont understand why HURT is not in everyones IPOD . call your local radio station and demand it!

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