Ex parte McCardle. My Kind of parte…

There is a war (isn’t there always?) This one is okay though because it’s civil. They even called it the Civil War! McCardle was a Mississippi newspaper editor with some naughty things to say about the government and the silliness of the Civil War. He was taken into military custody for libel and for publishing incendiary articles. He habeas corpused. The Circuit Court say “No!”. But the Super Duper Court said ‘Yes! Sure, in fact…” (you understand that this is not a true citation right. OK. Let’s move ahead.)

This parte gets nuts when, after arguments were heard, Congress passed a law revoking the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to hear cases that happened to be the one about to be decided on concerning the guy who said a lot of nasty stuff about you and doesn’t deserve a chance to appeal especially to the SC, I mean who does this jerk think he is, first he slam our country then seeks refuge in it? Seems like a lot of libs these days, actually…

So, in a completely coincidental disaster for McCardle, his appeal was mooted.

Lesson: Don’t f*#k with Congress. They can adjust jurisdiction and get you so long as it does not directly butt heads with the Con Con (stitution).

Heck of a parte…



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