Ms. California v. Perez Hilton


P. Hilton is quite a unique guy. He acts like a girl, whines like a baby, and makes a career of judging other people’s success. I guess it is apparent why he would be selected to judge Miss America, he knows nothing else but hating, ridiculing, and worshiping others. A natural hater.

Since when is a beauty pageant contestant asked a question that is more difficult than one we ask the President? If a flamboyantly gay mess like Hilton spat that out at Obama, he’d never be heard from again.

Further, “The Question” as it is now called was asked as a personal opinion. Carrie Prejean, Miss California, a religious conservative, answered with what had been instilled in her heart by her religious teachings. And, be it right or wrong to you, she answered the question that was asked with more honesty than most of us could likely muster. If you wanted a policy answer, “the Question” should have been, “Do you think Government should prevent gay couples from getting married?” This would allow Prejean to be a Pro and separate her personal feelings from what should be made legal or illegal. An opinion was requested and an opinion you got. It was delivered politely and without any intent to cause offense to anyone. (Note: Prejean’s opinion is perfectly in line with that of most of her state who voted to ban gay marriage – Prop 8) So why is it such a surprise, you hack? Stop chasing Britney Spears and do something on your own for a change. The question was unfairly provocative and inconsistent with the aim of the pageant.

Now P. Hilton can add something he has actually DONE to his resume. He has ruined the reputation of a harmless and positive organization for years to come by his self-indulgent nonsense. Oh, and he cost Prejean the crown, which is actually the best part because the controversy has made her an overnight sensation and a bigger celebrity than Hilton will ever even come close to being.



One thought on “Ms. California v. Perez Hilton

  1. Asking a question about same sex marriage at a Miss America pageant is out of place and bad form, just like Perez Hilton

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