David Letterman v. The Palin Ladies

Quick note:

Tomorrow I will go shopping early to get rid of my “slutty flight attendant” look, lest the late-night Leperman show put me on the wildly hilarious Top 10 List. “I would never make a joke about a young girl getting ‘knocked up’. Well, not THAT young girl, her SISTER maybe. She’s 18 and she deserves it for working to educate women about teen pregnancy. Plus, her mother’s in politics, so she was asking for it.”

Anyone wanna carpool?


One thought on “David Letterman v. The Palin Ladies

  1. Letterman is a disgusting loser who hasn’t been funny since Barney (Rubble, not Frank). He should go away and take his bald smarmy “little bit of luck” sidekick with him. Paul Shaffer (sp?) Two aging dorks in way above their heads.

    Anyone wanna try out for Second Base? The Mets are holding tryouts NOW!

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