Goodbye Michael – A Poem by Cody Peters

Goodbye Michael
Thursday, June 25, 2009 @ 5:36 PM

He said his skin was of rhino
But inside his heart was of child
I keep crying for a loss I never saw coming.

You died from a broken heart.
The world you made shine had you killed down the line.
I cry tonight because I know how it feels.
Betrayal that you endure only by loving the world
More than your enemies could.
The irony stops your heart
And you die only to be discarded by
Those you tried to save.

You did more than Heal the World
You built it, you made it more beautiful
You made me love music and innocence
And seek the same in those I chose to love
I am so terribly sad I can’t even seem to stop feeling
The pain you must have had to endure.
It only makes me love you more.

I love you
I miss you

The sun has darkened and just like Billie Jean
You lit up wherever you went
Now you are not here
And we are left stranded
In the dark.

by Cody Peters


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