Welcome VisualAmbassador.com – We Are NakedEric

Here’s a link where you’ll find an original melon by my self posted on a super site.  I feel a little miffed that the fine lady who reposted my essay verbatim took a byline with no credit for little ol me for writing the silly thing.  Nevertheless and neverthemore, they are our new friends and I want you to go visit and be nice.  They’ll likely be around here scooping content for their blog when they run out of ideas and feel like not paying for it.  I admire the stones.  It is a genuine pleasure to make your acquaintance.  Please visit the NakedEric article reposted on their site.  It won’t say I wrote it, but I did.  It is the vault here if you search a bit…  So go say hi!



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