Cody Peters Breaks Through With “Hide Our Smiles”


Hide Our Smiles
Hide Our Smiles

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A great writer-in-residence has broken through into notoriety with the dark, funny, moving book of poetry, “Hide Our Smiles”.  Amazon has selected it for feature and is building the listing as of this post.  Here is the link.  Go Get it!  Support the new writers and join us!  All comments are welcome.  If you are a writer, contact us and we will help you get published in a way you think fits your art form.

Go get Cody’s book! Here —>
Hide Our Smiles!


Paul Fuchs Was My Friend.

I have become immune to the things that made me think that other types of mind yuck were inferior to what I deserved and it seems more than ever that people die from cures riddled with poison.  Help us leave the ever ripening stench of ___want a gateway drug___???  Kill the Pill before it kills you.  It will.  I have had one more friend pass away because of these ridiculous “cures”.

I miss Paul.  I am sick of pain, but not sick enough to die in vain.  Bury the pills.  This is an epidemic.  When they are there, there is no control.  It is impossible to say no.  The doctor won’t stop giving them to me.  If I die today, let them know that I went this way.  For want of peace, I became a slave to this artifice.

Sleep, Paul.  You are missed and loved down here.  I will try to right this place now that you’re gone.iseeguiltypeople