Mr. President, You Are A Stupid, Insensitive Ass

I have just started the long journey of healing when a close family member suffered a severe brain injury that caused a major impairment of function.  It has been one month and it just seems to get harder as challenges mount up ranging from financial to my education.  I have to reshape my entire life, making great, great sacrifices to accommodate this beloved member of our family.

Now, in a gratuitous appearance on late-night television, once again proving his narcissistic belief that he is some kind of Hollywood celebrity, President Obama likens his poor bowling skills to those “like the Special Olympics” to get a cheap laugh.  This would be offensive coming from Cosmo Kramer.  Coming from our new President who was elected on a promise of bi-partisan peace and love, this is ear-splitting and nasty.

Mr. President, you are an asshole.  You have no idea how much your words hurt and I truly hope you never do have to face the challenges I do today.  I would imagine that the taste of eating the words you shat out of your mouth last night would be utterly Ipecac-ish.  I hope that your little laugh was worth it.  You lost the faith of a large part of the country and hurt many of us to boot.

Great job, Mr. President.  I am ashamed of my country (for the first time in my adult life…)



What Does Barack Obama Mean?

Barack Obama seems to embody all that liberals adore. Change is an exciting word that gives rise to a feeling of movement towards a better place. However, I find it hard to discern exactly what and how the Democrats will change. Also, I am not sure that we need all of this change.

I am, like most Americans, impressed by Obama’s charisma and passion. However, when we use history to measure our current political climate, it seems to show that, during times of military and economic troubles, the President often get battered by the media. FDR was lambasted during his Presidency for getting involved in a “European War” and meddling in affairs that didn’t involve the United States. Charles Lindbergh was a huge voice for “change” and was immensely popular. Lindbergh lashed out against the President and said we needed to pull out of Europe and stop supporting England. According to Lindbergh, the voice for change, young Americans would die for no reason in a war that was impossible to win. Lindbergh, like Obama, was a charismatic speaker and gained incredible popularity in the media. FDR stayed the course, despite his plummeting popularity in the media. The result was a victory so great that it freed all of Europe and thrust the United States into the undisputed title of world superpower. Aren’t we glad we did not “change” then? Or during the Civil War when Lincoln was incredibly unpopular for pursuing the emancipation of slaves? Or even Washington when the fledgling nation faced a formidable opposition to the Revolution and growing numbers of British loyalists? Aren’t we glad we didn’t go the popular route and change then?

I only wonder if we are experiencing the same type of challenge. As history shows, it is often, in troubled times, very difficult to press on. However, it also shows us that our greatest moments and victories as a nation came when we didn’t change and stuck to our decisions with the goal of protecting freedom in the world. Would it be a mistake to elect Obama only to see him unravel our resolve, embrace populism, and thwart our chances of succeeding in Iraq? As election time nears, this is becoming a prominent and important question. I am sure that all voters want to do what is best for our country in the long run. And change, although exciting, may not be what our country needs right now.


Barack Obama Or Tough Mama

I have a feeling that is unusual and I would like to share it with you.  Simply put:  I like Barack Obama, I just don’t think I would vote for him.  He has an incredible charisma and Kennedy-like likability (like, like, like).  Perhaps that would qualify him as an outstanding Secretary of State or as an Ambassador.  I just don’t see clearly what he stands for other than a charming leader of a liberal front that may (or may not) be a salve for a nation mired in hardline thinking that has, well, been hard to live with.  P.S. – Are we ready for a black President?  I see no reason why not.  I, however, am not the majority it seems.  As we have seen in past elections of late, our country leans to the Right and may not accept this leap.  I believe that if Obama comes out with a powerful agenda in the coming year that appeals to the war-weary nation as well as pacifies the super-duper Right, he may have a shot at charming his way into Casa Blanca.

Tough Mama – Hillary Clinton has such a juicy last name and an infinite warchest for waging the battle of the almighty diggity-dollar.  She seems a bit more clear on her stand when it comes to important issues.  She will be on the side of opportunity.  She got away with pulling a fast one on New York as she moved here and became Senator all too quickly.  Is it possible to represent a constituency that you’ve only just become a part of?  Well, she’s done an okay job in the cushy halls of Capitol Hill.  However, are the country and the armed forces ready for a female Commander-In-Chief?  If so, is she tough enough?  I don’t see it in her.  However I am in the minority.  She is the front runner.  We still have a year to go and a lot can happen.  Don’t count Edwards out.  He’s a smarty.  I find it interesting that our two premier choices on the Democratic side are a Black Freshman Senator who was schooled in Saudi-sponsored Madrasas for a short time and A female ex-First Lady who claims, in her book, that she had no idea that Bill was cheating on her, or even prone to such behavior.  I doubt the vigilance of a woman who didn’t at least KINDA see that coming.  Will she notice the armies invading after they’ve sacked the city?  Who knows.  Interesting days though.  I will try to dig out some thought nuggets and string them through the landscape of this site  Hopefully y’all will post some of your own nuggets and let me know what’s REALLY going on out there.

God Bless America.  She Rocks…