Impassioned Alone – New Poem By E. Cody Peters

Impassioned Alone

Anonymous crowds are my grayish world of lighthearted fear

In love with her, friends, elders, others groping to find some science in me

I am not sad when they turn away sick of trying to read a distorted language

That was given to my heavy mind with the power  of now to brag of deep in my low

And show the wow of my up.

I want a hand to touch my face and tell me they know

With that look in their eyes that confirms it is so

I am on night two of impossible sleep

And I know I am broken, ill-suited, and weak

A beauty climbs the wind of descent to warn me of the harsh duty of man

Who was given a little God in his hand

No other piece lies waiting on Earth to be filled by my riddle

It will remain unsolved and unnoticed

Until the next cursed warrior with loneliness disease

Walks among the faces of people who are

Too far away to

Ever take into heart

With this banquet of insight

That wouldn’t be much of a prize

Even if I did everything right.