Coming Home (Destination X) – Poem by Cody Peters

Coming Home (Destination X)

You’ll never see me edit or adjust to end up with a

miracle weapon to curl dynasties of verse in a clay fog

mind where the untamed baddies go.  You don’t belong and

I wish you were not even oddly neve ton ere wash I

am guilt if guilt were this dripping morass I

am sad if this tastes like the pool in my jaw I

detest you if you knew of someone like this

of someone with too much to see and too little to hold (store)

the diag, no sees the term of existence as sickened

but the almighty will not be quenched by mere visions of order

and drills.

Your name dries a piss stool, like the pardon in my hand

As I write my cat farts mightily, the liberation of more than just gas.

I would kill you if I had the time, but there’s nothing to do

as I live through words like “this” and “smutty” the thinker’s sport is his thoughts

well, his batting practice is his thoughts.  His sport is riddle.

You know nothing of poetry and you kill what you don’t understand.

Mercifully the day is here and I have enough to suppress

the outside I fear like the hermit my dear, I

play like the notes but without interesting font, I

curse at a mountain, declaring a fight, I

starve boringly slowly and longingly still, I

never had what I strive for and I never will.

But the best part of editing and writing the riddle

Is when I know that you are here with me, my readers and friends

I have been lost in the largess of the world only to come back to

the simple family I once tried so desperately

to leave.


Laugh Nocturne – Poem by Cody Peters

Laugh Nocturne

by Cody Peters

No they did what maybe meant the losing of a time well spent

in joining hands in love with me

regret and pain and agony

I’m sorry please shackle and whip

the gun I’ve holstered on my hip

You took me and I loved your skin case

Your soul, face, and you eviscerated

It’s okay because I know it’s meant to be this way.

Ok is far.  For you the norm.

I was too young to be left lone in the dark and endless rotting storm.

I know not romance, but rovenge

Happiness will always end.

I kill each day trying to survive

I only want another life

Welcome to the power of demise.

Now a brief one

Slow poison no one is the victim yet

as of now we deserve what we get

to be so easily amused is a laugh nocturne

if only I could sleep to dream

or sleep to dedicate myself to forever

in observance of living in my eyes, the scape

there are two choices left for the monster

love case I was given in this peripheral process of feeling

to kill, to thrill I understand no more

could it be I’m getting better or purposefully stuck in this whole

be my hind is where days seemed to die with my hope for

a true chance at what they say I lack in scary words of me (I write)

But now listen to the crash, I will never remember

It is always ringing in my ears.  My fears aligned

Smashed to death in auto.  I lived to bridge darkness

I live to show pictures from the chasm

I don’t hate you because you can’t know what it’s like

It’s a pearl, a stubborn clam, and I am inside

Your force of entry trips the switch

and the lovers die with it

I know well the ease and I hope my cards (pomes)

continue to deliver a sight not saw

But if I may ask today

I query this and go away

Why does a man who soaks words with meaning

earn the title dark and sad and morose?

This is the death that tunes us all

I was given to see.  So

Please, for the sake of my happy girls

Don’t ever dark poet

try to call me.

David Letterman v. The Palin Ladies

Quick note:

Tomorrow I will go shopping early to get rid of my “slutty flight attendant” look, lest the late-night Leperman show put me on the wildly hilarious Top 10 List. “I would never make a joke about a young girl getting ‘knocked up’. Well, not THAT young girl, her SISTER maybe. She’s 18 and she deserves it for working to educate women about teen pregnancy. Plus, her mother’s in politics, so she was asking for it.”

Anyone wanna carpool?

Cody Peters Breaks Through With “Hide Our Smiles”


Hide Our Smiles
Hide Our Smiles

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A great writer-in-residence has broken through into notoriety with the dark, funny, moving book of poetry, “Hide Our Smiles”.  Amazon has selected it for feature and is building the listing as of this post.  Here is the link.  Go Get it!  Support the new writers and join us!  All comments are welcome.  If you are a writer, contact us and we will help you get published in a way you think fits your art form.

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Daddy, Please Get Better

Daddy, Please Get Better

for my father Glenn.  may God be patient in reuniting with his earthly angels.


Daddy, please get better

Only I can be sick.  I’m the one that’s supposed to fall

I am bedridden on school days with questionable infirmity

You are my hero and heroes don’t fall

I followed your size 10 ½ footprints

All the way to adulthood because I love to stay just behind you

As you worked each day harder and with more strength

Than any other man alive

That is why you are my hero and why I implore

Daddy, please get better

Now that you fell down

How can I make myself walk

Any more?


I slept not tonight as I lay so far away.

I would do anything at all to take your illness from you

And throw it on my back with this gruesome load

I’ve come to bear.

I would suffer a million times to have you back at home

Picking up the pieces after another financial mess I’ve made

Or sleeping soundly by the television you love so much

In the backyard grilling burgers for our humble cookouts

Then taking your kayak to the lake with Mom.

I am always proud to see you play

Basketball games each sunny day

Now the team is crying foul, the great inspirer needs a time out

But please make your rest short and come back soon

Daddy, please get better

Before your magic guitars

Fall out of tune.


You may not remember, but I’ll never forget

What you said to me if I fell down while at play

“Boo Boos hurt for a while

then they go away.”