The Horror of Incredible Pleasure

Poison purposefully positioned to push me up that aching ladder once again.  The world is different when you’ve got the key to heaven’s door. Never then again does life and its undulating grey ever smile the same.  It’s more than “hi”, it’s true love.  This time, a broken heart comes with crushing flu and a violent exit of all guts and those that lie therein.

The fun “oops” comes when, in heaven, you suddenly get bored.  From there, kids, there is no ladder, only a violent plunge into hell and a prayer that you will soon resurface on Earth.  Praying in Heaven.  Bored in Heaven.  This is the Horror of Incredible Pleasure.  Join me…

Why do I keep getting high and hit the ground every time?

If I go up into the sky how is there a bottom?

All of logic this defies I’ll never stop

This is the horror of Incredible Pleasure

This is the horror of Incredible Pleasure

Don’t name me for my head call master of the living dead…