Bad News: Sen. Feingold Admits What We’ve Suspected All Along: Obama’s “Public” Health Care Plan Meant to Ultimately Push Americans to Single-Payer Health Care « Frugal Café Blog Zone

Bad News: Sen. Feingold Admits What We’ve Suspected All Along: Obama’s “Public” Health Care Plan Meant to Ultimately Push Americans to Single-Payer Health Care « Frugal Café Blog Zone.


What Does Barack Obama Mean?

Barack Obama seems to embody all that liberals adore. Change is an exciting word that gives rise to a feeling of movement towards a better place. However, I find it hard to discern exactly what and how the Democrats will change. Also, I am not sure that we need all of this change.

I am, like most Americans, impressed by Obama’s charisma and passion. However, when we use history to measure our current political climate, it seems to show that, during times of military and economic troubles, the President often get battered by the media. FDR was lambasted during his Presidency for getting involved in a “European War” and meddling in affairs that didn’t involve the United States. Charles Lindbergh was a huge voice for “change” and was immensely popular. Lindbergh lashed out against the President and said we needed to pull out of Europe and stop supporting England. According to Lindbergh, the voice for change, young Americans would die for no reason in a war that was impossible to win. Lindbergh, like Obama, was a charismatic speaker and gained incredible popularity in the media. FDR stayed the course, despite his plummeting popularity in the media. The result was a victory so great that it freed all of Europe and thrust the United States into the undisputed title of world superpower. Aren’t we glad we did not “change” then? Or during the Civil War when Lincoln was incredibly unpopular for pursuing the emancipation of slaves? Or even Washington when the fledgling nation faced a formidable opposition to the Revolution and growing numbers of British loyalists? Aren’t we glad we didn’t go the popular route and change then?

I only wonder if we are experiencing the same type of challenge. As history shows, it is often, in troubled times, very difficult to press on. However, it also shows us that our greatest moments and victories as a nation came when we didn’t change and stuck to our decisions with the goal of protecting freedom in the world. Would it be a mistake to elect Obama only to see him unravel our resolve, embrace populism, and thwart our chances of succeeding in Iraq? As election time nears, this is becoming a prominent and important question. I am sure that all voters want to do what is best for our country in the long run. And change, although exciting, may not be what our country needs right now.


The Global Energy Crisis – Our Responsibility

So what do we do now?  Without clear reason, gas prices have risen to an intolerable level.  In these times, you see what individuals and cluture as a whole are made of.  Our culture, as I heard one pundit on the radio proclaim is “soft”.  We are soft because we are doing nothing at all while the powers that be victimize us as they grow richer and more powerful.  The world tallest skyscraper?  Not the Empire State Building or the Sears Tower.  It’s a new building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Besides steel and glass, this construction was built with money, oil money.  More precisely, OUR oil money.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  It IS  bad thing when the greed of these barons makes it difficult for us to lead our normal lives.  People are sympathetic to the free market and its ups and downs.  America is great because business can be free to compete and profit by the laws of a free market economy.  However, there are some flies in the Vaseline here.  Prices for oil have increased at a rate that is unnatural.  Further, we are being blocked out of drilling in our own plentiful oil fields by OUR OWN PEOPLE!  Liberals are dead set against drilling offshore and in places like ANWR (ann-warr) where we have enough oil to power approximately 80 million cars for almost 100 years.  Wouldn’t this be a wonderful cushion?  A vast amount of time to discover and develop alternative energy sources without having to cower to the Middle East.  The US could be much more energy independent and have control of the price at the pump in our own country.  At least, if a disaster like this were to recur we would, as Americans, have the power to vote out the offenders and replace them with new leaders.  There would be accountability here at home.  As it is now, we would have to write a letter to some tough guy in the Middle East pleading our case.  This may not be as effective as the awesome American electorate and democracy.

I know that this is a touchy issue.  However, the answers seem to be right there for us.  In fact, I truly believe that the Middle East, nay the WORLD, is looking at us and scratching their heads.  The impact of self-destructive liberalism has befuddled them as well.  We should be more energy independent.  ANWR looks like the surface of the Moon.  Let’s drill here and make our lives better and less dependent on the extremists.  Drilling is a dirty business.  But isn’t it worse to be so affected by greedy warmongers?  I hope that we can begin a true discourse on this topic and organize a group that would make the Founding Fathers proud.  They wouldn’t approve of this.  I don’t approve of this.  Liberals DO approve of this.  So please, let’s do our best to empower our government to educate the liberals about the consequences of the “over my dead body” approach to preservation in ANWR.  Really there’s not that much there that HAS to be preserved.

So, let’s talk about this.  Let’s organize and make our voices heard…


What Are The Democrats Doing Now?

It\'s Gonna Get Ugly...

  “Since Hillary didn’t win, I’m definitely voting for McCain.” – common feminist response

  I am lost with the logic here.  Obama and Clinton did not have massive rifts between their views.  Both are solid Democrats with their own blend of experience, passion, and charisma.  Now, the root of the situation facing the Democratic part as if nears the Convention in Denver is to solidify a clear stance on important issues.  All issues actually, but that may be asking a bit much from the “Anti-Bush” platform that seeks to, in their own words, “Undo everything Bush has done to get our country in such a mess.”

  Well, it goes without saying that, if elected, the first African-American President will bring a unique and vastly different style of Executive leadership.  But he, and the Democrats as a whole cannot run on the “Anti-Bush” platform any longer.  It is a moot point.  The man will be displaced from the White House next year and replaced with a new tenant.  So, get down to details Dems and start establishing your party as one with a mind to think without “unthinking”.  We need a very strong, decisive leader this term.  America must feel like our safety and finances are being taken seriously with new programs to use, no longer ignore, the passionate cries of the regular people in becoming a Party For The People.  This will fail, however, unless Obama can tone down the rousing speeches a bit to illuminate policy plans as they relate to the betterment of the Union.  Democrats weakness that will easily be spotlighted with consistency and intensity is their lack of ideas beyond those that induce applause during a campaign speech.  Time to get real kids and craft a plan to somehow outdo a candidate from the GOP who is a venerated war hero and one of the most effective Senators on Capitol Hill.  Critics say, “So What?  He was captured and held prisoner in a VC prison for a couple of years.  This is not bravery.  Well, kids, here’s the skinny:  McCain never sold out his country, Unit or Secrets to gain freedom from the camp.  He refused to give up sensitive information despite being tortured and nearly starved to death.  His bravery and resolve will be hard to refute without substantial IDEAS.

  And no, simply promising to “Undo what Bush has done” won’t get you anywhere.  Americans want answers.  Time to stand and deliver Senator Obama.  Lay it all out and use your sharp intellect to elevate the campaign beyond mere brute force.  You have the talent to lead our country to better places.  Time to start firing those brain bullets.  Hit ’em with all you’ve got.  Fresh ideas delivered with your trademark charisma will go a long way to securing your chair in the Oval Office.  Resist the rhetorical anti-Bush crapola.  Deliver substance and we will deliver you a nice tudor home in Washington, D.C. – on us (the taxpayers)