Daddy, Please Get Better

Daddy, Please Get Better

for my father Glenn.  may God be patient in reuniting with his earthly angels.


Daddy, please get better

Only I can be sick.  I’m the one that’s supposed to fall

I am bedridden on school days with questionable infirmity

You are my hero and heroes don’t fall

I followed your size 10 ½ footprints

All the way to adulthood because I love to stay just behind you

As you worked each day harder and with more strength

Than any other man alive

That is why you are my hero and why I implore

Daddy, please get better

Now that you fell down

How can I make myself walk

Any more?


I slept not tonight as I lay so far away.

I would do anything at all to take your illness from you

And throw it on my back with this gruesome load

I’ve come to bear.

I would suffer a million times to have you back at home

Picking up the pieces after another financial mess I’ve made

Or sleeping soundly by the television you love so much

In the backyard grilling burgers for our humble cookouts

Then taking your kayak to the lake with Mom.

I am always proud to see you play

Basketball games each sunny day

Now the team is crying foul, the great inspirer needs a time out

But please make your rest short and come back soon

Daddy, please get better

Before your magic guitars

Fall out of tune.


You may not remember, but I’ll never forget

What you said to me if I fell down while at play

“Boo Boos hurt for a while

then they go away.”