My Chelle – Lyrics By nakedEric

My Chelle (cOkeBoOgErs)

Open up to the feel of my hand on the back of your arm
Finger in a place I can’t ever find when the bones bury me

No more sin if it feels like rain
I won’t live life and be in pain

Remember the passing moments, as they aren’t even there
Your beauty is the reason I can’t help but stare
When you go away I love the day
You come back to my arms and ask me if you can stay

No more sin, it makes no sense
I never asked to be like this
No more sin if it feels this good
You are my angel I guess we should

Roll these wicked bones of white
In a casket made for us tonight
My lips are numb and I search for your face
This Jersey town such a barren place

Now you’re gone to meet your self
I sit and high with no one else
Will tempt me ever be a drink I pair
With a sharp pang of you’re not even halfway there

With a heart of blaque I swim in you
It’s a love you never knew.
White and high these evil eyes
Take animals to tame them from the
Cages of a heart I used to keep away from everyone else

You got me. I sit alone.
You’re always right, ‘cuz I’m always stoned.

Love me. I want only to be your happy key to the golden gable.
Choose me as your human
Make me a man in your embrace
Make me cry and feel ashamed
Make me be unable to not sing your name
I am broken and buried in a six-foot whole

I’ll be here until you come home on Wednesday to
Pick me up into your arms.
Lonely without your accidental divinity.