It’s Official – The New Disturbed Album “Indestructible” Is Super!

Evil laughs should begin every song ever made. Hi! Video here…


Prepare For The Rise Of OTEP.

The new irrepressible force that will overrun the intermediate pop fluff that marks the time between musical icons is going to be Metal.  And it will be angry…The time is coming when we will put all of our values on the table.  Election years bring major changes in our society.  People begin to speak up and listen to those who make a powerful statement.  (Bill Clinton = Grunge, remember?)  Thus, as we lie and wait for the coming river of expression, it is important to know the key players.  As I am Mr. Prescient, I will discuss one very important such player herein.OTEP.  Sevas Tra, (Can you read the real title?  Simple, but potent)  put them on the map (album).  Now, they have completed an album, The Ascension, which is a true crowning achievement.  This is the album where they will launch an assault on music as we know it.  Now they are enjoying success and critical acclaim from a warped cover of Nirvana’s (Damn we miss you Kurt) “Breed”.  I thought that this was an interesting choice of song to cover from the Nirvana library and would love the chance to ask the band directly about the decision process.  As always, with nakedEric feature bands, I extend an invitation to allow us an interview for the fans of the site.  Also, readers please submit questions you’d like us to ask if OTEP agree to a chat.  Back to the future.  What will come is an eruption of the societal frustration and political unrest that is simmering at a dangerous level in the USA.  It will explode when people listen to an OTEP song such as “Warhead”  Click Here To See It.  The key to OTEP’s imminent ascension (punny!) is that they possess, perhaps ironically, the same thread that both knighted and destroyed Kurt Cobain.  Despite their most dedicated attempts to be anything but appealing, they are incredibly appealing.  There is an almost danceable melody that lies beneath the violence of many songs and the lyrics are the best being written today.  OTEP’s use of fragmented and varied rhythm serve to make each song purely unique and instantly likable.  No acquired taste here.  In the current state of the world, OTEP’s music suits many a palette.  I want to inspire a discourse here.  I want also to say that I told you so when they blow up.  For now, check out the band’s music.  You can CLICK HERE to watch their video for Nirvana’s “Breed” (do it now, seriously).If I am a danger to myself, then imagine what I can do to YOU…OPETH is coming.  I am a giddy child waiting for it to happen.  You should be too…otep2-789513.jpg