Open Letter To The Band HURT


Dear HURT,

It is often said that the English language is the most inefficient at conveying the complex musings of the mind and soul. So it follows that the name of your band can be seen as meaning so many things. But isn’t that fitting? From “Ten Ton Brick” to “Danse Russe”, you have not been easy to label or define. The world is a dangerous and scary place when seen at its core. We all HURT in one way or another throughout our lives. Your music is the remedy because we listen and feel kinship in our darkest times.

I am so used to trying to fill the void that lonliness has become preferable merely due to comfort. This makes me stronger and able to endure. HURT has had a major part in this and I will do anything to help you touch more people as you have me. You are heroes and deserve all that you desire for the strength you all possess to share your darkness with us in such a beautiful and artistic way.

Yours Truly,

NakedEric & Readers


nakedEric Has Scored An Interview With J. Loren Of HURT!

If you’ve foraged through the site, you have certainly come across my posts on HURT and on J. Loren himself. In short, both are super-duper. I will be interviewing J. soon and am asking all of you to share with me questions you would like me to ask the man himself. For now, take a look at the neat video for “Rapture”.

HURT Video

Thank You To J. Loren From HURT

If you are blind or related to Paris Hilton, you may be rich, but certainly have not the ability to recall that I am a big fan of HURT and their new album. I was poking around for some more morsels about the foursome when I learned about how trying the recording process was for the album “Vol. 2”. If you have not, please check out their extremely cool website. HURT Website – Click Here, Piggies!

This makes it all the more amazing of him to have reached out and offered some of his time to NakedEric for an interview for this blog! Whilst we work on the particulars, please stay tuned (no pun intended) and support the band. I mean, what other band would answer a “shot in the dark” invitation for an interview from a guy named NakedEric? HURT does this for the music, the catharsis of performance, and for the fans. J.Loren’s response is proof that this is more than just rockstar bulldoody.

American Idol (Idle Americans) has NOT killed ALL of the real music! HURT is fun! YAY!


NakedEric Album Review – HURT “Vol. 2”

When you sit down, stand up, or hover and begin to ponder putting words together to express your feelings regarding an album that nips you in places that have no name, it often amounts to quite a daunting task. HURT is the most underrated and unknown great band out right now. That is a fact. Anyone who listens to their previous effort, cleverly named, “Vol. 1” immediately sees this omission of HURT in the gilded halls of super de duper bands of the day. Day! Vol. 2 is not only a “go hump yourself” to the Sophomore Jinx, it is one of the best albums I have heard in ten years (at least). Go to iTunes now and buy it. Go to Best Buy now and Best Buy it. It has a shiny white cover. Ok. Now, as you listen to Sunners Lost and Ten Ton Brick, recall what I am saying here. Come back and comment. Somewhere say, hey nakedE you were right! Why? Well, I am going to campaign actively for an interivew whith the gents from HURT. I want to find out how they pull this together so perfectly and what they are going to do when they inevitaby explode into superstsrdom. So, HURT, if you are reading – contact me so we can plaster this blog with HURTAmerica. I’ll even write the interview clothed in hopes that we can sheathe my pecker. Well, not we, I would never ask HURT to sheathe my penis. I would organize a charitsble event where they could play. I have done this before with a ….

OH MY. I am so tired I am falling asleep at the keyboard here. I have to continue this later, aaeaekkkk

Buy HURT “Vol. 2” and then surf over here. by then we can both go on nd on not capitalizing “By” and leaving the “a” out of “and”.

HURT rhymes with BURT.

HURT Vol.2  = MasterpieceHURT Vol.2  = Masterpiece