NONPOINT Update! Tour Dates

Just got word from Nonpoint Management. Who wants the contest? Exclusive content? Where are the Metal fans? The Nonpoint fans? Who likes “What a Day” and all the other genre-bending love that Nonpoint emits. Yes, they freaking emit… They’re that good…

Hey Eric,

Nonpoint is set to release a new album in early 2010, and while we have them in the studio, I wanted to see if you had requests for any exclusive content. We can set up an interview, video feature or whatever else you’d like to request.

And FYI, Nonpoint is also set to release an acoustic EP on December 8th. Cut The Cord will be released as digital only EP, and features past hits like “Victim” and “What A Day”. To support the release, the band will play 3 holiday shows:

12-Dec Madison, WI The Barry more Theater
26-Dec Ft. Lauderdale, FL Club Revolution
31-Dec Tempe, AZ Tempe Fiesta Bowl Block Party




Prepare For The Rise Of OTEP.

The new irrepressible force that will overrun the intermediate pop fluff that marks the time between musical icons is going to be Metal.  And it will be angry…The time is coming when we will put all of our values on the table.  Election years bring major changes in our society.  People begin to speak up and listen to those who make a powerful statement.  (Bill Clinton = Grunge, remember?)  Thus, as we lie and wait for the coming river of expression, it is important to know the key players.  As I am Mr. Prescient, I will discuss one very important such player herein.OTEP.  Sevas Tra, (Can you read the real title?  Simple, but potent)  put them on the map (album).  Now, they have completed an album, The Ascension, which is a true crowning achievement.  This is the album where they will launch an assault on music as we know it.  Now they are enjoying success and critical acclaim from a warped cover of Nirvana’s (Damn we miss you Kurt) “Breed”.  I thought that this was an interesting choice of song to cover from the Nirvana library and would love the chance to ask the band directly about the decision process.  As always, with nakedEric feature bands, I extend an invitation to allow us an interview for the fans of the site.  Also, readers please submit questions you’d like us to ask if OTEP agree to a chat.  Back to the future.  What will come is an eruption of the societal frustration and political unrest that is simmering at a dangerous level in the USA.  It will explode when people listen to an OTEP song such as “Warhead”  Click Here To See It.  The key to OTEP’s imminent ascension (punny!) is that they possess, perhaps ironically, the same thread that both knighted and destroyed Kurt Cobain.  Despite their most dedicated attempts to be anything but appealing, they are incredibly appealing.  There is an almost danceable melody that lies beneath the violence of many songs and the lyrics are the best being written today.  OTEP’s use of fragmented and varied rhythm serve to make each song purely unique and instantly likable.  No acquired taste here.  In the current state of the world, OTEP’s music suits many a palette.  I want to inspire a discourse here.  I want also to say that I told you so when they blow up.  For now, check out the band’s music.  You can CLICK HERE to watch their video for Nirvana’s “Breed” (do it now, seriously).If I am a danger to myself, then imagine what I can do to YOU…OPETH is coming.  I am a giddy child waiting for it to happen.  You should be too…otep2-789513.jpg 

Thank You To J. Loren From HURT

If you are blind or related to Paris Hilton, you may be rich, but certainly have not the ability to recall that I am a big fan of HURT and their new album. I was poking around for some more morsels about the foursome when I learned about how trying the recording process was for the album “Vol. 2”. If you have not, please check out their extremely cool website. HURT Website – Click Here, Piggies!

This makes it all the more amazing of him to have reached out and offered some of his time to NakedEric for an interview for this blog! Whilst we work on the particulars, please stay tuned (no pun intended) and support the band. I mean, what other band would answer a “shot in the dark” invitation for an interview from a guy named NakedEric? HURT does this for the music, the catharsis of performance, and for the fans. J.Loren’s response is proof that this is more than just rockstar bulldoody.

American Idol (Idle Americans) has NOT killed ALL of the real music! HURT is fun! YAY!


Avenged Sevenfold Has A New Album. Mitch Albom Answers Tough Questions About “Fridays With Morrie”

A gnu is a cute animal ripe for domestication. Strange how it was left out in the cold with all those other hairy bits. Anyway, in preparation for this article, I found myself inescapably learning about “new albums”, “gnu doldrums”, and “Mitch Albom”. Mitch did his best to focus attention on that lame day of the week, Tuesday. Who cares about Tuesdays? Morrie. “Tuesdays With Morrie” set the lukewarm day on FIRE. The book sold zillions of copies and prompted him, Mitch not Morrie, to write another tome, “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”. I always imagined meeting more than five people in heaven, but it seems that Mitch knows more than everyone else because he writes books.. That’s why I want to write books. I want people to think I’m smart. So, congrats Mitch. Your little red books have found their way onto many a coffee table and bathroom floor (poop-perusing).

Avenged Sevenfold likes big words with syllables galore. Their new album is out and has quenched the thirst of an ever-growing horde of fans who adore their mix of shred-o-my-god geetars, heart attack drums, and melodies that stick in your craw like the song you hate the most when it comes on the radio and yu atre forced to hear it. Ever get embarrassed when you sing, out loud, a commercial jingle at some random time, in public? That’s the hookiness of Avenged. Let’s move on to say WAS the hookiness of Avenged. The new album is blah in many categories. If you liked “City of Evil” you will not like the new album. The good thing about Avenged is that they have been around for so long and have such a vast library of past successes, that a mediocre album like this one can be shrugged off like a gnu fart on a windy day, in heaven.



NakedEric Album Review – HURT “Vol. 2”

When you sit down, stand up, or hover and begin to ponder putting words together to express your feelings regarding an album that nips you in places that have no name, it often amounts to quite a daunting task. HURT is the most underrated and unknown great band out right now. That is a fact. Anyone who listens to their previous effort, cleverly named, “Vol. 1” immediately sees this omission of HURT in the gilded halls of super de duper bands of the day. Day! Vol. 2 is not only a “go hump yourself” to the Sophomore Jinx, it is one of the best albums I have heard in ten years (at least). Go to iTunes now and buy it. Go to Best Buy now and Best Buy it. It has a shiny white cover. Ok. Now, as you listen to Sunners Lost and Ten Ton Brick, recall what I am saying here. Come back and comment. Somewhere say, hey nakedE you were right! Why? Well, I am going to campaign actively for an interivew whith the gents from HURT. I want to find out how they pull this together so perfectly and what they are going to do when they inevitaby explode into superstsrdom. So, HURT, if you are reading – contact me so we can plaster this blog with HURTAmerica. I’ll even write the interview clothed in hopes that we can sheathe my pecker. Well, not we, I would never ask HURT to sheathe my penis. I would organize a charitsble event where they could play. I have done this before with a ….

OH MY. I am so tired I am falling asleep at the keyboard here. I have to continue this later, aaeaekkkk

Buy HURT “Vol. 2” and then surf over here. by then we can both go on nd on not capitalizing “By” and leaving the “a” out of “and”.

HURT rhymes with BURT.

HURT Vol.2  = MasterpieceHURT Vol.2  = Masterpiece