Salvia. Nature’s Backstage Pass. Smoke Salvia Soon.



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This is not a drug. A legal herb purchased at a smoke shop in New Brunswick, New Jersey can pull apart the cause and effect that we rely on for most bearings in our perception. There is no gift quite like a chance to unplug mentally. Now, by this I don’t mean watch TV or listen to A speech by TelePromPteR ‘Bama. If you obtain and smoke salvia, you will feel like nothing you have ever felt. This is a must for anyone seeking to safely expand their concept of what is possible on this rock as we waddle through time filling it with events. Salvia is better than marijuana. This is all true. Care to argue? Then share your thoughts. Best of all, it isn’t criminal, dangerous or expensive.

Naked Eric Readers: I plan to interview some experts in the cultivation of salvia and need your feedback and/or questions you would like asked. Share your experiences with salvia and share the best means of acquiring / ingesting the herb. It is time for salvia to be heralded for the super of its duper. Better yet, let’s have a Naked Salvia party. Comment, Comment, Comment…

If you want me to share some sources, I’ll gladly do so. Just post a query as a comment and yeeeeehaw!

Salvia. Spiritual Gatorade.

“for that deep down body thirst…”