Hot Megan Fox Video Posted Because My Penis Took Over…


We’re Back! And In Need Of Serious Website Help (obviously)…

Ahhh. I am writing to you reborn. Reborn after a nightmare of domain stuff as we tried to upgrade to a “real” website addy and, in the process, losing touch with the very readers we tried to amaze as we grew up to be hosted as a non-wordpress dotcom. Well we realized that we like being here just fine and that the world of techno-babble and web hosting is not meant for the, well, anybody really. So, with that said, are there any techno freaks that want to help us grow into an appropriate new home? We have money!

So, yes there have been posts. In fact, a LOT has been going on! So we will be sharing with you all of the incredible new music and contests, giveaways, and so on. We have Lo-Pro and Nonpoint on tap for interviews. We’ll post their goodies next.

We love being back! We also love Hiromi Oshima. Here is a naked picture of her. She is so hot that I have little pains near my face when I see her. Like, near my eyes. Yeah. Oh, that’s the infection. OK. Shhh….


Hiromi Oshima Makes Japan Look Like an Island

To NakedEric Readers: Leave Comments You Piggies!

I toil and trouble, I boil and bubble so that words come out and I press the buttons on this machine to create these sentences I leave for your swine-o-vision. In the last week, the amount of visits to this humble blog has TRIPLED! So now I feel like I’m being fondled by strangers. I hooked up with Tina Fey that day, but you are all strangers with no face. I want to get to know you and your PIN numbers. Don’t be foolhardy. How are we going to take over the world if we don’t even introduce ourselves? I will always write to puncture the poop bag of our pop culture and let the aroma dangle in your fangle. Someone has to do this dirty dirty job. I am glad to welcome you to this place of peace and yum yums. But please, leave a little comment or urine specimen behind for us to fondle… OKAY??!?