Clothes Shopping Is Gay

What the Hell hapened to men’s clothes?  I am amazed to see harsh words like “Affliction” and “Love Dies” adorned with sparkly trinkets, pink pastels, and tapered-leg jeans.  OMG, WTF, ROTFL?  GAY?  I mean gay, OK, we all pretend that it’s not a big deal to see men kissing and we’ve bought into the rhetoric that it may even be natural to be gay (and gender roles are not…)  But please spare us the dignity, those of us who have yet to embrace skin-tight jeans and sparkly pink shirts, of options.  I walked 40 blocks down 5th Avenue in New York City yesterday shopping with my beautiful wonderful girlfriend.  SHE ended up buying more than I did – IN THE MEN’S SECTION!!!  Men’s clothes have become gay and that is NOT OK!  Give me back the grunge era!  I long for a flannel, ripped jeans and heroin-laced music.




The NakedEric Book Store Is Now OPEN!!!

OMG! The NakedEric Book Store is OPEN!!! Click here and get stuff. I am happy. Are you happy? Please be happy. If not, do drugs. Or buy a kitten and throw it away when it gets old and fat. Mine got so old it stopped licking itself and grew dreadlocks. I’m not kitten’ – Ha Ha. Great pun there… Seriously. No, but click on this. Now.

The New NakedEric BookStore!